Vue Vben Admin

A modern vue admin. It is based on Vue3, vite and TypeScript. It's fast!
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Vue Element Admin81,215213 days ago7August 08, 20201,279mitVue
:tada: A magical vue admin
Vue Admin Template18,004
6 days ago294mitJavaScript
a vue2.0 minimal admin template
Vue Vben Admin16,741
2 days ago30July 15, 2020590mitVue
A modern vue admin. It is based on Vue3, vite and TypeScript. It's fast!
Iview Admin15,9357a year ago206September 04, 2019611mitVue
Vue 2.0 admin management system template based on iView
Vue Admin Better13,880
5 days ago14mitVue
🚀🚀🚀vue admin,vue3 admin,vue3.0 admin,vue后台管理,vue-admin,vue3.0-admin,admin,vue-admin,vue-element-admin,ant-design,vue-admin-beautiful-pro,vab admin pro,vab admin plus,vue admin plus,vue admin pro
D2 Admin11,928
2 months ago45August 09, 202021mitJavaScript
An elegant dashboard
Vuestic Admin9,184
20 days ago15November 16, 202076mitVue
Free and Beautiful Vue 3 Admin Template
Vue Typescript Admin Template4,923
4 months ago25November 16, 202175mitVue
🖖 A vue-cli 3.0 + typescript minimal admin template
Vue Framework Wz4,063
4 months ago69mitVue
Soybean Admin3,146
11 days ago21December 18, 20213mitVue
A fresh and elegant admin template, based on Vue3,Vite3,TypeScript,NaiveUI and UnoCSS [一个基于Vue3、Vite3、TypeScript、NaiveUI 和 UnoCSS的清新优雅的中后台模版]
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Vue vben admin

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Vue Vben Admin is a free and open source middle and back-end template. Using the latest vue3, vite2, TypeScript and other mainstream technology development, the out-of-the-box middle and back-end front-end solutions can also be used for learning reference.


  • State of The Art DevelopmentUse front-end front-end technology development such as Vue3/vite2
  • TypeScript: Application-level JavaScript language
  • Theming: Configurable themes
  • InternationalBuilt-in complete internationalization program
  • Mock Server Built-in mock data scheme
  • Authority Built-in complete dynamic routing permission generation scheme.
  • Component Multiple commonly used components are encapsulated twice


Test account: vben/123456

VbenAdmin Logo VbenAdmin Logo VbenAdmin Logo

Use Gitpod

Open the project in Gitpod (free online dev environment for GitHub) and start coding immediately.

Open in Gitpod




  • node and git - Project development environment
  • Vite - Familiar with vite features
  • Vue3 - Familiar with Vue basic syntax
  • TypeScript - Familiar with the basic syntax of TypeScript
  • Es6+ - Familiar with es6 basic syntax
  • Vue-Router-Next - Familiar with the basic use of vue-router
  • Ant-Design-Vue - ui basic use
  • Mock.js - mockjs basic syntax

Install and use

  • Get the project code
git clone
  • Installation dependencies
cd vue-vben-admin

pnpm install

  • run
pnpm serve
  • build
pnpm build

Change Log



How to contribute

You are very welcome to joinRaise an issue Or submit a Pull Request

Pull Request:

  1. Fork code!
  2. Create your own branch: git checkout -b feat/xxxx
  3. Submit your changes: git commit -am 'feat(function): add xxxxx'
  4. Push your branch: git push origin feat/xxxx
  5. submitpull request

Git Contribution submission specification

  • reference vue specification (Angular)

    • feat Add new features
    • fix Fix the problem/BUG
    • style The code style is related and does not affect the running result
    • perf Optimization/performance improvement
    • refactor Refactor
    • revert Undo edit
    • test Test related
    • docs Documentation/notes
    • chore Dependency update/scaffolding configuration modification etc.
    • workflow Workflow improvements
    • ci Continuous integration
    • types Type definition file changes
    • wip In development

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Browser support

The Chrome 80+ browser is recommended for local development

Support modern browsers, not IE

 EdgeIE  EdgeEdge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari
not support last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions




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MIT Vben-2020

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