Vue Vben Admin

A modern vue admin. It is based on Vue3, vite and TypeScript. It's fast!
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Vue Vben Admin21,41424 days ago30July 15, 2020317mitTypeScript
A modern vue admin. It is based on Vue3, vite and TypeScript. It's fast!
Vuestic Admin9,85125 days ago15November 16, 202061mitVue
Free and Beautiful Vue 3 Admin Template
Vue3 Antdv Admin3,041
a day ago4mitTypeScript
基于 vite5.x + vue3.x + ant-design-vue4.x + typescript hooks 的基础后台管理系统模板 RBAC的权限系统, JSON Schema动态表单,动态表格,漂亮锁屏界面
Vue Element Plus Admin2,035
3 days ago4November 13, 202340mitVue
A backend management system based on vue3, typescript, element-plus, and vite
Vue Quasar Admin554
2 years ago20mitVue
Vue 2.0 admin-dashboard based on Quasar-Framework
Admin Element Vue314
7 months ago4mitVue
vue3.x Element ui Admin template (vite/webpack)
Admin One Vue Bulma Dashboard204
a year ago3mitVue
Free Vue.js Bulma Buefy Admin Dashboard Template. Vite & Vue CLI supported
Basix Admin133
5 years ago1mitJavaScript
Get Free and Premium Vue.js Bootstrap v4 Admin Dashboard Templates
Citrus Vuetify111
2 years agoVue
一个非常漂亮的Vue + Vuetify的后台管理面板
V Naive Admin61
a year agomitTypeScript
⚡️基于 Vue3 + Vite2+ Pinia + ts + windicss + Naive UI 的轻量级后台管理模板。
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Vue vben admin

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Vue Vben Admin is a free and open source middle platform/back-end template. Using the latest vue3, vite4, TypeScript and other mainstream technology, Vben is the out-of-the-box front-end solution for both production and learning purpose.


  • State-of-art Techinical StackUsing the latest and popular front-end technology such as Vue3/vite2
  • TypeScript: Application-level JavaScript language
  • Theming: Configurable themes
  • InternationalBuilt-in i18n support
  • Response Mock: Built-in response mock ability
  • Authority: Built-in permission system based on dynamic routes.
  • Component: Extracted and encapsulated components for various scenarios.


Test account: vben/123456

VbenAdmin Logo VbenAdmin Logo VbenAdmin Logo

Use Gitpod

Open the project in Gitpod (free online dev environment for GitHub) and start coding immediately.

Open in Gitpod




  • node and git - Project development environment
  • Vite - Familiar with vite features
  • Vue3 - Familiar with Vue basic syntax
  • TypeScript - Familiar with the basic syntax of TypeScript
  • Es6+ - Familiar with es6 basic syntax
  • Vue-Router-Next - Familiar with the basic use of vue-router
  • Ant-Design-Vue - ui basic use
  • Mock.js - mockjs basic syntax

Install and use

  • Get the project code
git clone
  • Install dependencies
cd vue-vben-admin

pnpm install

  • run
pnpm serve
  • build
pnpm build
  • docker

The dockerFile is located in the project root directory and supports differential deployment

build image

docker build -t vue-vben-admin .

Use environment variables to achieve differentiated container deployment. Specify service endpoint by assigning VG_BASE_URL. In the following example, http://localhost:3333 is used as the back-end service address and the container is mapped to port 6666:

docker run --name vue-vben-admin -d -p 6666:80  -e VG_BASE_URL=http://localhost:3333 vue-vben-admin

Then you can navigate to http://localhost:6666

Change Log



How to contribute

You are very welcome to joinRaise an issue or submit a Pull Request

Pull Request:

  1. Fork code!
  2. Create your own branch: git checkout -b feat/xxxx
  3. Submit your changes: git commit -am 'feat(function): add xxxxx'
  4. Push your branch: git push origin feat/xxxx
  5. submitpull request

Git Contribution submission specification

  • reference vue specification (Angular)

    • feat Add new features
    • fix Fix the problem/BUG
    • style Modify the code style/format that does not affect the feature
    • perf Optimization/performance improvement
    • refactor Refactor
    • revert Undo edit
    • test Test related
    • docs Documentation/notes
    • chore Dependency update/scaffolding configuration modification etc.
    • workflow Workflow improvements
    • ci Continuous integration
    • types Type definition file changes
    • wip In development

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Browser support

The Chrome 80+ browser is recommended for local development

Support modern browsers, doesn't include IE

 EdgeIE  EdgeEdge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari
not support last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions


@Vben @Jinmao


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MIT Vben-2020

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