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Ephemeral Kubernetes clusters for frustration and friction free development. This is the kubernaut CLI.


An executable binary is provided for both Linux and MacOS. There is no Windows support at this time.

Native Installation

Latest release: curl


curl -OL$(curl


curl -OL$(curl

Quick Start

Get Token

NOTE: This is temporary until we have a better account mgmt and login UX.

  1. Goto and login.
  2. Copy the token to your clipboard.
  3. Run the below command:

kubernaut config backend create --url="" --name="v2" --activate $TOKEN

Create a cluster claim

kubernaut claims create --name mycluster

View active Claims

kubernaut claims list

Delete a cluster claim

kubernaut claims delete mycluster

Developer Information


The kubernaut command line application uses Calendar Versioning ("CalVer") for releases.

  • The version scheme is ${YYYY}.${MM}.${DD}[-${GIT_COMMIT}].
  • Latest releases always have the ${GIT_COMMIT} appended after a dash.
  • Latest releases are any build from master branch that passes CI tests.
  • FUTURE - Stable release cadence has not been determined but WILL HAVE the form ${YYYY}.${MM}.${DD} without the ${GIT_COMMIT} appended.

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