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Data Carpentry Python Lessons with Ecological Data

This repository contains the Data Carpentry Python material based on ecological data. Please see our contribution guidelines for information on how to contribute updates, bug fixes, or other corrections.


We welcome all contributions to improve the lesson! Maintainers will do their best to help you if you have any questions, concerns, or experience any difficulties along the way.

We'd like to ask you to familiarize yourself with our Contribution Guide and have a look at the more detailed guidelines on proper formatting, ways to render the lesson locally, and even how to write new episodes.

Please see the current list of issues for ideas for contributing to this repository. For making your contribution, we use the GitHub flow, which is nicely explained in the chapter Contributing to a Project in Pro Git by Scott Chacon. Look for the tag Image replicating 'Good first issue' label. This indicates that the maintainers will welcome a pull request fixing this issue.


Current maintainers of this lesson are


A list of contributors to the lesson can be found in AUTHORS


To cite this lesson, please consult with CITATION

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