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Basketball Analytics

This repository and scripts in it will be focusing on the statistics revolving around NBA and basketball in general.

All code is written in Python using the Jupyter Notebooks which allow live preview of the images and thus making it nice and easy to analyze and visualize data.

Current mini "projects":

2020-21 Season


  • Some other stuff can be find in this FOLDER


Regular Season


2019-20 Season


2018-19 Season

2017-18 Season

  • Assists distribution between each NBA team for 2016/2017 season

    • Crawler which cleans table of assists inside team from basketball-reference site

    • Notebook to visualize assists distribution using heatmaps

  • Visualization of best 3 point shooters on very tight, tight, open and wide open defense

    • Notebook to compare shooters based on closest defender
  • Shotcharts from past 2017 Eurobasket comparing Bogdanovics and displaying Markkanen's shooting ability

  • Comparison of clutch vs regular time shooting for top 20 NBA scorers in 2016/2017 season

    • Notebook for FG%, FT%, TS% comparison in regular vs clutch time
  • Various stats analysis using Kaggle's dataset with NBA stats from 1950 season

    • Notebook which runs through some regular and advanced stats from last season as well as from previous seasons

    • Images which are results of previous notebook

  • Swarmplot of rookie stats for their first regular game in 2017-18 nba season, as well as comparison of Ben Simmons' and Markelle Fultz' debut with other first round picks

    • Notebook which takes at look at previously described tasks.
  • Inspired by Aaron Gordon's first 40 point game, I took a look at how other young players his age, or younger, improved during their first 40 point game (only the ones which aren't rookies)

    • Notebook Which visualizes players improvement in points per game during the season in which they scored 40 points or more.
  • A look at Russell Westbrook's 2016-17 season in which he won MVP award and averaged triple double.

    • Notebook with some charts displaying Westbrook's averages through season.
  • Radar plots which describe player's style.

    • Notebook with radar plots showing for Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving to view how they adapted to newly added teammates (Westbrook) and new team (for Kyrie).

    • Notebook which shows how Stephen Curry changed his scoring coming from 2015-16 MVP season to 2016-17 season and addition of Kevin Durant.

  • Analysis of Players of the week/month in the NBA

  • James Harden's chase for three point heights

    • Notebook where I show the pace of James Harden's three point shooting.
  • Stephen Curry's chase for three point record

    • Notebook where Stephen Curry's progress in total three pointers made through career games in comparison with other top shooters
  • Free throw improvement for some centers

    • Here is notebook where improvements for some of the players like Clint Capela and Andre Drummond can be seen in comparison to last season
  • Most improved three point shooters

    • I analyzed which were the most improved three point shooters up to this point in season in this notebook
  • Fourth quarter scoring thus far

    • LeBron James has by far the most points thus far in current season, that can be seen here

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