Data sets created for stories on The Pudding, open to the public.
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3 months ago2mitHTML
Data sets created for stories on The Pudding, open to the public.
Nba654848a year ago43January 28, 20217mitJavaScript
Node.js client for API endpoints
Nba Machine Learning Sports Betting545
5 days ago22Python
NBA sports betting using machine learning
Nba Player Movements436
7 years ago10Python
🏀 Visualization of NBA games from raw SportVU data logs
Sportsipy4041013 months ago19April 09, 2020113mitPython
A free sports API written for python
5 years agon,ullmitJavaScript
Node.js library for NBA stats
Pydfs Lineup Optimizer286
2 years ago51September 27, 202191mitPython
Daily Fantasy Sports lineup optimzer for all popular daily fantasy sports sites
Py Goldsberry236
42 years ago23December 27, 20187mitPython
Python Package for facilitating analysis of NBA Data
4 months agoJupyter Notebook
Repository which contains various scripts and work with various basketball statistics
3 months ago3Python
A python package for scraping
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Data sets

Data sets created for stories on The Pudding, open to the public.

Pudding Story Title Story Publish Date Data Update Frequency Keywords Data
The Greatest Unexpected NBA Performances February 2023 Never basketball, NBA repo
We think this cool study we found is flawed. Help us reproduce it. April 2022 Daily replication, randomness json
Who's in Your Wallet? April 2022 Never banknotes, currency repo
When Women Make Headlines February 2022 Never headlines, women repo
The Naked Truth March 2021 Never beauty, makeup, diversity, US repo
Winning the Internet July 2020 Sometimes newsletter repo
Police Misconduct October 2020 Never social data
Whole Foods x 15 Percent Pledge October 2020 Never retail data
How candidate diversity impacts color diversity August 2020 Never politics, design, color repo
90s Song Memory July 2020 Never music repo
The Infinite Monkey Theorem Experiment Apr 2020 Daily piano, probability json
Just how does Kidz Bop censor songs? Apr 2020 Never Kidz Bop, music, censorship repo
The Evolution of the American Census Mar 2020 Never US, census repo
Where will you need your umbrella? Feb 2020 Never weather, precipitation repo
Laughing OnLine Oct 2019 Never laughter, Reddit repo
Finding Forever Homes Oct 2019 Never dogs, PetFinder, US repo
Vocal Register and Singing Voices Aug 2019 Never music repo
Book Covers July 2019 Never books repo
Hipster Summer Reading List June 2019 Never books, library, Seattle repo
Best Year in Music June 2019 Sometimes music repo
A People Map of the UK June 2019 Never wiki, names, UK repo
A People Map of the US May 2019 Never wiki, names, US repo
Sing My Name May 2019 Never music, names, US repo
The Rise of Hyphenated Last Names in Pro Sports May 2019 Never sports, culture, names, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NWSL, WNBA repo
The NBA Has A Defensive Three Seconds Problem May 2019 Never basketball, NBA repo
Colorism in High Fashion April 2019 Never fashion, diversity, US repo
EU Regions April 2019 Daily european union, eu data and analysis
NBA Spell Jam March 2019 Daily spelling, names, sankey, NBA data
Who is the Biggest Pop Star? March 2019 Never music repo
How Many High School Stars Make It to the NBA? March 2019 Never US, basketball, NBA repo
The Gyllenhaal Experiment February 2019 Never spelling, names, sankey data
The Sexualized Messages Dress Codes are Sending to Students February 2019 Never US, dress code, high school repo
The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop January 2019 Sometimes music data
Internet Boy Band Database November 2018 Never music, boybands, dance, US repo
Thirty Years of American Anxieties November 2018 Never advice, anxiety repo
The Winningest Cities in North American Sports November 2018 Never sports, championships, rankings, basketball, football, hockey, baseball repo
Human Terrain October 2018 Never population how-to
What Does the Path To Fame Look Like? October 2018 Never celebrities, culture repo
The Celebrity Billboard Project September 2018 Daily celebrities, culture repo
Film vs. Digital August 2018 Never film, movies repo
Women's Pockets are Inferior August 2018 Never pockets, fashion, equality, women repo
Life After Death on Wikipedia August 2018 Never Wikipedia, pageviews, death repo
What Airport Traffic Tells Us About the World's Megacities July 2018 Never cities, population, airports repo
Let's Talk About Birth Control July 2018 Never contraception, US, birth control, health, survey, CDC repo
Men are from Chelsea, Women are from Park Slope June 2018 Never gayborhoods, gay, lesbian, queer, LGBTQ, neighborhoods, pride, gender repo
The Diversity of Makeup Shades June 2018 Never beauty, makeup, Fenty, diversity, US, global repo
The Good, the Rad, and the Gnarly June 2018 Never skateboard, music, genre, gnarly repo
Baking the Most Average Chocolate Chip Cookie May 2018 Never baking, cookies, machine learning, NLP repo
One-Hit Wonders in Sports April 2018 Never sports, ranking, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, hockey repo
The Birthday Paradox Experiment April 2018 Daily math, paradox, birthday json
A Tale of Two Cities March 2018 Never neighborhoods, business, Yelp repo
The Structure of Stand-Up Comedy February 2018 Never stand-up, comedy, Ali Wong, US repo
Greetings from Mars February 2018 Daily mars, weather, Curiosity Rover, global repo
How far is too far? An analysis of driving times to abortion clinics in the US. September 2017 Never abortion, clinics, duration, access, US repo
Free Willy & Flipper by the Numbers July 2017 Never whales, dolphins, captivity, US repo
The Timing of Baby Making May 2017 Never births, babies, county, US repo
NBA Last Two Minute Report February 2017 Daily nba, basketball, referee, US repo
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