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OpenTracks is a sport tracking application that completely respects your privacy.

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  • Tracking: track your sport and outdoor activities
  • Voice announcements
  • Photos and Markers: mark interesting locations while tracking
  • Export:
    • export tracks either as KMZ (incl. photos), KML, or GPX
    • export automatically after each recording (e.g., to sync)
    • avoid duplication: each exported file contain a random unique identifier (i.e., opentracks:trackid)
  • Altitude:
    • gain/loss via barometric sensor (if present)
    • shown in EGM2008 (above mean sea level); exported as WGS84
  • Bluetooth LE sensors:
    • heart rate
    • cycling: speed and distance
    • cycling: cadence
    • cycling: power meter

Gadgetbridge integration

OpenTracks can be used with Gadgetbridge:

  • shows statistics via notification on smart watches (requires Gadgetbridge 0.56.1 or later), and
  • Gadgetbridge's GPX exporter generates opentracks:trackid to avoid duplication (Gadgetbridge 0.53.0 or later).


  • No Internet access: Internet is not used
  • No advertising
  • No in-app analytics
  • No use of Google Play Services

Only required permission:

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: required to use the GPS.

An overview of Bluetooth LE sensors that are known to work with OpenTracks is in

Custom Dashboards (incl. map)

As of v3.3.1, OpenTracks supports custom dashboards. The reference implementation is OSMDashboard, which presents an OpenStreetMap map (showing the current track, incl. updates). The developer documentation is in

Alternatively, recorded tracks can be shared as KMZ/GPX with installed applications (e.g., OsmAnd). However, this is rather slow and does not provide updates while recording.

Project history

OpenTracks is based upon Google My Tracks app (code). Initially, My Tracks was initially released by Google in 2010 as open-source software. In 2016, Google decided to discontinue My Tracks and stopped distributing it via the Google Play store in April 2016. Then Plonk42 conducted some maintenance work until 2016, so My Tracks could still be used (based upon version Google's MyTracks version 2.0.6). Plonk42's version is available here. In 2019, OpenTracks was forked from Plonk42's My Tracks and major rework was conducted.

Rework of OpenTracks included:

  • removing Google's analytics code,
  • removing integration into Google Drive,
  • removing Google Maps integration,
  • removing Google Earth integration,
  • removing use of Google Play service,
  • removing calorie estimation and activity estimation,
  • removing support for ANT+ and Classic Bluetooth,
  • adding support for Bluetooth LE heart rate sensors,
  • removing Protobuf (store sensor data in SQLite columns directly), and
  • removing Android Service API for other apps.

Artwork, logos and user interface remained more or less unchanged.

More information about Google My Tracks:

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