A parallel universal-ctags wrapper for git repository
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A parallel universal-ctags wrapper for git repository
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Alternatives To Ptags
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A parallel universal-ctags wrapper for git repository

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ptags is a universal-ctags wrapper to have the following features.

  • Search git tracked files only ( .gitignore support )
  • Call ctags command in parallel for acceleration
    • Up to x5 faster than universal-ctags


Download binary

Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.

Arch Linux

You can install from AUR.

If you use yay, you can install like below:

yay -S ptags       // latest tagged version
yay -S ptags-git   // current master of git repo


You can install by cargo.

cargo install ptags


ptags uses ctags and git command internally. The tested version is below.

Command Version
ctags Universal Ctags 0.0.0(f9e6e3c1) / Exuberant Ctags 5.8
git git version 2.14.2
git-lfs git-lfs/2.3.3


ptags 0.1.12-pre
[email protected]
A parallel universal-ctags wrapper for git repository

    ptags [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [DIR]

        --config               Generate configuration sample file
        --exclude-lfs          Exclude git-lfs tracked files
    -h, --help                 Prints help information
        --include-ignored      Include ignored files
        --include-submodule    Include submodule files
        --include-untracked    Include untracked files
    -s, --stat                 Show statistics
        --unsorted             Disable tags sort
        --validate-utf8        Validate UTF8 sequence of tag file
    -V, --version              Prints version information
    -v, --verbose              Verbose mode

        --bin-ctags <bin_ctags>           Path to ctags binary [default: ctags]
        --bin-git <bin_git>               Path to git binary [default: git]
        --completion <completion>         Generate shell completion file [possible values: bash, fish,
                                          zsh, powershell]
    -e, --exclude <exclude>...            Glob pattern of exclude file ( ex. --exclude '*.rs' )
    -c, --opt-ctags <opt_ctags>...        Options passed to ctags
    -g, --opt-git <opt_git>...            Options passed to git
        --opt-git-lfs <opt_git_lfs>...    Options passed to git-lfs
    -f, --file <output>                   Output filename ( filename '-' means output to stdout ) [default: tags]
    -t, --thread <thread>                 Number of threads [default: 8]

    <DIR>    Search directory [default: .]

You can pass options to ctags by-c/--ctags_opt option like below.

ptags -c --links=no -c --languages=Rust

Searched file types per options are below. --include-submodule and --include_untracked are exclusive. This is the restriction of git ls-files. Any include/exclude options without the above combination can be used simultaneously.

File type Default --exclude-lfs --include-ignored --include-submodule --include-untracked
tracked o o o o o
untracked x x x x o
ignored x x o x x
lfs tracked o x o o o
in submodules x x x o x

You can override any default option by ~/.ptags.toml like below. The complete example of ~/.ptags.toml can be generated by --config option.

thread = 16
bin_ctags = "ctags2"
bin_git = "git2"



  • CPU: Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
  • MEM: 128GB
  • OS : CentOS 7.4.1708


Name Repository Revision Files Size[GB]
source0 neovim/neovim f5b0f5e17 2370 0.1
source1 llvm-mirror/llvm ddf9edb4020 29670 1.2
source2 torvalds/linux 071e31e254e0 52998 2.2
source3 chromium/chromium d79c68510b7e 293205 13


ptags is up to x5 faster than universal-ctags.

Command Version source0 source1 source2 source3
ctags -R Universal Ctags 0.0.0(f9e6e3c1) 0.41s ( x1 ) 3.42s ( x1 ) 23.64s ( x1 ) 32.23 ( x1 )
ptags -t 16 ptags 0.1.4 0.13s ( x3.15 ) 0.58s ( x5.90 ) 4.24s ( x5.58 ) 7.27s ( x4.43 )
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