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Update: this repo is no longer being maintained and I can't guarantee the code will continue to work (although unless major changes happen to Express, it should)

The Dead-Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Front-End Developers to Getting Up and Running with Node.JS, Express, Jade, and MongoDB

A tutorial and complete sample project for Front-End developers showing how to get Node, Express and Jade up and running, connected to MongoDB, and reading from / writing to the database.

New: Updated for 2019!


Visit the tutorial online. The rest of the project is provided just to show the functioning finished results. The tutorial will show you how to build all of this stuff, from downloading Node all the way to the end.

If you want to run this example code, you will need to do an NPM Install, as the node_modules directory has been removed from this repository. You'll also need to set up a MongoDB database. I highly recommend just going through the tutorial!


Christopher Buecheler is a web developer who runs CloseBrace, a site that provides tutorials and training for full-stack JavaScript developers. Previously he's worked for startups like GameSpy, OkCupid, Crispy Gamer, GoldenSpear, Volt Server, Tizra, and Datarista. You can visit him at his website.


  • /public - static directories suchs as /images
  • /routes - route files for tutorial project
  • /views - views for tutorial project
  • - this file
  • app.js - central app file for tutorial project
  • package.json - package info for tutorial project

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