Ext Saladict

🥗 All-in-one professional pop-up dictionary and page translator which supports multiple search modes, page translations, new word notebook and PDF selection searching.
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Ext Saladict11,294
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🥗 All-in-one professional pop-up dictionary and page translator which supports multiple search modes, page translations, new word notebook and PDF selection searching.
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Saladict 沙拉查词

Version Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store Mozilla Add-on Mozilla Add-on

Build Status Commitizen friendly Conventional Commits Standard - JavaScript Style Guide License

Chrome/Firefox WebExtension. Feature-rich inline translator with PDF support.

【中文说明】Chrome/Firefox 浏览器插件,网页划词翻译。


Saladict 7 is a complete rewrite with sophisticated interaction and buttery smooth experience. Built for speed, stability and customization.

Change Log


build from source

git clone [email protected]:crimx/ext-saladict.git
cd ext-saladict
yarn install
yarn pdf

Add a .env file following the .env.example format(leave empty if you don't use these dictionaries).

yarn build

Artifacts can be found in build/.


See the contributing guide.

How can I contribute?



Saladict is a free and open-sourced project for study purpose only. Anyone can obtain a copy of Saladict free of charge. If you believe your legal rights have been violated please contact the author immediately.

Saladict is licensed under MIT. You can use the source code freely as long as including a copy of license and copyright notice of Saladict.

DO NOT use Saladict for any illegal or criminal activity. Saladict strongly condemns this behavior and will cooperate to the fullest extent possible in holding it accountable.

As for copy-and-paste clone products Saladict has the responsibility to send corresponding reports and warnings to platforms and users.

More screenshots:

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