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Awesome Open Source

My web applications

This repo contains code for building and deploying web applications (e.g. shiny, fiery, and flask) that I've developed for public consumption.

Run an app (as a docker container)

Each app has it's own Docker container, as well as a image tag on DockerHub, so you can easily run apps on your local machine; for example, this will run the zikar (shiny) app on http://localhost:3838

docker run -p 3838:3838 cpsievert/apps:shiny-zikar

If you'd like to run a particular app in this repo, you can get the relevant image tag from the application.yml file.

Acquire all the app images

To run all the applications, you'll need to pull (or build) all the corresponding docker images. A necessary first step is to pull (or build) the corresponding docker images. Either way, I'd suggest cloning this repo:

git clone
cd apps

Now you can run the make command to build all the images or make pull to pull them from my registry.

Run all the apps via shinyproxy

The application.yml can be used/modified to (securely) run all the applications as a service via shinyproxy. See my blog post (coming soon).

java -jar shinyproxy-1.0.1.jar


Some guidelines for adding new apps:


  • Run make shiny app=my-app (replacing my-app with a suitable name).
  • Place your shiny app under the new shiny/apps/my-app directory.
  • Ensure the Dockerfile has the right system/R requirements (rsconnect::appDependencies() can be helpful during this step).
  • Add docker build -t cpsievert/apps:shiny-my-app shiny/apps/my-app to the Makefile
  • Under apps in the application.yml file, add your app's name, description, etc.

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