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Google Mock mocks generator based on libclang

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git clone --recursive [email protected]:krzysztof-jusiak/gmock.git


Usage: [options] files...

  -h, --help                show this help message and exit
  -c FILE, --config=FILE    config FILE (default='gmock.conf')
  -d DIR, --dir=DIR         dir for generated mocks (default='.')
  -l LIMIT, --limit=LIMIT   limit to interfaces within declaration (default='')


./ file.hpp

will create mocks files in current directory for all interfaces

./ -c "gmock.conf" -d "test/mocks" -l "namespace::class" file1.hpp file2.hpp

will create directory 'test/mocks' and mocks files within this directory for all interfaces (contains at least one pure virtual function) which will be within 'namespace::class' declaration

./ -d "test/mocks" file1.hpp file2.hpp -- -D PROJECT -Iproject/include

'--' separates arguments between script and compiler

Integration with the build system

find project -iname "*.h" -or -iname "*.hpp" | xargs "project/externals/"   \
    -c "project/conf/gmock.conf"                                                    \
    -d "project/test/mocks"                                                         \
    -l "Project"                                                                    \
    --                                                                              \
    -D PROJECT                                                                      \
    -Iproject/include                                                               \


  • it's reliable (based on clang compiler)
  • it's fast (tested on project ~200 kloc -> generation of mocs takes 3-5s on common laptop)
  • output file might be easily adopted to the project via configuration file
  • easy integration with the project build system -> generate mocks files for each interface from given files limited to the project (for example via project namespace)
  • able to generate cpp files with default constructors (to speed up compilation times)
  • generate pretty output (one mock per file)
  • mocking class templates
  • easy to extend (~300 lines of code)
  • handle c++ operators
    virtual int operator()(int, double) = 0;
    virtual int operator()(int arg0, double arg1) { return call_operator(arg0, arg1); }
    MOCK_METHOD2(call_operator, int(int, double));

Configuration file

#possible variables:
# file: interface file name
# dir: interface directory
# guard: header guard
# template: template parameters
# template_interface: template interface class
# interface: interface class
# mock_methods: generated gmock methods
# generated_dir: generated directory
# mock_file_hpp: mock header file
# mock_file_cpp: mock source file

mock_file_hpp = "%(interface)sMock.hpp"

file_template_hpp = """\
 * file generated by gmock: %(mock_file_hpp)s
#ifndef %(guard)s
#define %(guard)s

#include <gmock/gmock.h>
#include "%(dir)s/%(file)s"


%(template)sclass %(interface)sMock : public %(template_interface)s


#endif // %(guard)s


mock_file_cpp = ""
file_template_cpp = ""

Example of generated output

 * file generated by gmock: I2Mock.hpp
#ifndef I2MOCK_HPP
#define I2MOCK_HPP

#include <gmock/gmock.h>
#include "I2.hpp"

namespace n {

class I2Mock : public I2
    MOCK_CONST_METHOD0(f0, void());
    MOCK_METHOD1(f1, void(int));
    MOCK_METHOD1(f2, void(double));
    MOCK_METHOD2(f3, void(int, double));
    MOCK_METHOD3(f4, void(int, double, const std::string &));
    MOCK_METHOD1(f5, int(const std::string &));
    MOCK_CONST_METHOD1(f6, boost::shared_ptr<int>(const boost::shared_ptr<int> &));
    MOCK_CONST_METHOD0(f7, const int&());
    MOCK_METHOD0(f8, boost::function<void(int)>());
    MOCK_CONST_METHOD1(f9, boost::non_type<int,0>(const boost::non_type<int, 1> &));
    MOCK_METHOD0(f10, const int*const ());
    MOCK_METHOD0(f11, const void());
    virtual int operator()() { return function_call_or_cast_operator(); }
    MOCK_METHOD0(function_call_or_cast_operator, int());

} // namespace n

#endif // I2MOCK_HPP

 * file generated by gmock: TMock.hpp
#ifndef TMOCK_HPP
#define TMOCK_HPP

#include <gmock/gmock.h>
#include "T.hpp"

namespace n {

template<typename Elem>
class TMock : public T<Elem>
    MOCK_CONST_METHOD0_T(GetSize, int());
    MOCK_METHOD1_T(Push, void(const Elem &));

} // namespace n

#endif // TMOCK_HPP


Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

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