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Cqrs Manager For Distributed Reactive Services278
4 years ago4apache-2.0Java
Experimental CQRS and Event Sourcing service
2 years agoapache-2.0Scala
A REPL for Apache Kafka
2 months ago73February 01, 20238Scala
2 years ago12February 09, 2020epl-2.0Clojure
Clojure sandbox for Streaming Data Platforms
5 years ago1apache-2.0Clojure
A simple project to demonstrate building a streaming messaging app with Clojure, Kafka, Re-Frame, Pedestal, and Component. This corresponds to a walkthrough published on
Franzy Examples8
7 years ago2epl-1.0Clojure
Examples and more for Franzy, a suite of Kafka libraries including producers, consumers, admin, validation, config, and more.
4 years ago5otherHaskell
Persistent rotating queue
10 months ago1apache-2.0Java
Polyglot Programmable Shell for Kafka
5 years agoClojure
Speaking Kafka's protocol from Clojure REPL
Kc Repl3
6 months ago10epl-1.0Clojure
An interactive, command line tool for exploring Kafka clusters
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Coursier Apps

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This repository holds the apps in the Main and Contrib channels for Coursier. You can find information about creating your own application to be installed with cs here on the website.


These are the apps in the default main JAR-based channel, io.get-coursier:app which is used with cs install

  • almond
  • ammonite
  • bloop-jvm
  • bloop
  • coursier
  • cs
  • csbt
  • dotty-repl
  • echo-graalvm
  • echo-java
  • echo-native
  • giter8
  • mdoc
  • metac
  • metals-emacs
  • metals
  • metap-native
  • metap
  • mill-interactive
  • mill
  • sbt-launcher
  • sbt
  • sbtn
  • scala-cli
  • scala-experimental
  • scala
  • scala3-compiler
  • scala3-decompiler
  • scala3-doc
  • scala3-repl
  • scala3
  • scalac
  • scaladoc
  • scalafix
  • scalafmt
  • scalap
  • scalapbc
  • stc


These apps are available by passing --contrib to the cs install command. Feel free to send in a PR to add your application here!

  • amm-runner
  • asm-textifier
  • asmifier
  • authors
  • avro-tools
  • bfg
  • cache-migration
  • catscript
  • cfr
  • clojure
  • fastpass-jvm
  • fastpass
  • firstbird-emergence
  • flyway
  • frege
  • git-changelog
  • google-java-format
  • groovy-shell
  • groovy
  • guardrail
  • ivy
  • jansi
  • jfiglet
  • jruby
  • jython
  • kafka-console-consumer
  • kafka-console-producer
  • kafka-consumer-groups
  • kafka-server
  • kafka-topics
  • ktfmt
  • lsif-java
  • make-it-g8
  • openapi-generator
  • plantuml
  • proguard-7
  • proguard-retrace
  • proguard
  • protoc-jar
  • rhino
  • rsc
  • rscj
  • scala-cli
  • scala-debugger
  • scala-steward
  • scala-update
  • scalaxb
  • scip-java
  • sclin
  • smithy-language-server
  • spark-repl
  • sqlline
  • swagger-codegen
  • wiremock
  • zookeeper

Updating the README

This README is auto-generated by the scripts/ Ammonite script Please don't update the README directly, but rather update the Note that you don't need to manually add your app to it, it will be automatically added in CI.

Testing a change

If you'd like to test a change locally to ensure what you're adding or changing works correctly, you can do the following while in the workspace.

cs launch --default-channels=false --channel ./(apps|apps-contrib)/resources <app name>
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