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Commanded audit middleware

Command auditing middleware for Commanded CQRS/ES applications.

Records every dispatched command to the configured database storage. Includes whether the command was successfully handled, or any error.

Please refer to the CHANGELOG for features, bug fixes, and any upgrade advice included for each release.

MIT License

Build Status

Getting started

  1. Add commanded_audit_middleware to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    def deps do
        {:commanded_audit_middleware, "~> 1.0"}
  2. Add the following config section to config/config.exs:

    config :commanded_audit_middleware,
      ecto_repos: [Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo],
      serializer: Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer

    If you prefer to instead serialize the command_audit's data and metadata columns as JSONB (which can be indexed and queried efficiently), choose an Ecto schema type of :map and a PostgreSQL database type of :jsonb:

    config :commanded_audit_middleware,
      ecto_repos: [Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo],
      serializer: EventStore.JsonbSerializer,
      data_column_schema_type: :map,
      metadata_column_schema_type: :map,
      data_column_db_type: :jsonb,
      metadata_column_db_type: :jsonb
  3. By default, commanded_audit_middleware should filter all password, password_confirmation and secret in your schemas. If you want to override and define your own filters, you should add the following to your config/config.exs:

    config :commanded_audit_middleware,
      filter_fields: [:credit_card_number, :btc_private_key]
  4. Add the following config section to each environment's config (e.g. config/dev.exs):

    config :commanded_audit_middleware, Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo,
      adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
      database: "commanded_audit_middleware_dev",
      username: "postgres",
      password: "postgres",
      hostname: "localhost",
      port: "5432"
  5. Fetch and compile mix dependencies:

    $ mix do deps.get, deps.compile
  6. Create and migrate the command audit database:

    $ mix ecto.create -r Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo
    $ mix ecto.migrate -r Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo
  7. Add the middleware to any Commanded router.

    defmodule Router do
      use Commanded.Commands.Router


Pull requests to contribute new or improved features, and extend documentation are most welcome. Please follow the existing coding conventions.

You should include unit tests to cover any changes. Run mix test to execute the test suite:

mix deps.get
mix test


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