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Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.

The library is currently under active rewriting, please see this ticket for updates

To get started more easily, please read Getting started: build a GraphQL Form in 5 minutes




Install package

  • install yarn add react-apollo-form

Add script to your project

  • add to your package.json, at the scripts section :
    "scripts": {
        "react-apollo-form": "react-apollo-form fetch-mutations <graphql_endpoint> <outpurDir>"

This script will generated 3 files needed by <ApolloForm>:

  • schema.json (GraphQL Introspection Query result as JSON)
  • mutations.d.ts (all available mutations names as TypeScript type definition)
  • apollo-form-json-schema.json (GraphQL Schema as JSON Schema)

Tips: you can change the output directory of theses with the second argument or -o option


Once the files generated, we can setup a Form.

import * as React from 'react';
import gql from 'graphql-tag';
import { configure } from 'react-apollo-form';
import { client } from './apollo';
import { applicationFormTheme } from './core/forms/themes/application';

const jsonSchema = require('./core/apollo-form-json-schema.json');

export const ApplicationForm = configure<ApolloFormMutationNames>({
    // tslint:disable-next-line:no-any
    client: client as any,
    theme: applicationFormTheme

        mutation: {
            name: 'create_todo',
            document: gql`mutation {...}`


ApolloForm is based on the amazing Mozilla library react-jsonschema-form. Most of the questions regarding JSON Schema, validations or rendering are in react-jsonschema-form documentation

To get started more easily, please read Getting started: build a GraphQL Form in 5 minutes

The following subjects are specific to ApolloForm:


  • Can I make ApolloForm works with many GraphQL endpoints?

Yes, just setup multiple scripts in your project package.json with one output folder per endpoint, then just configure a "component form" for each endpoint

  • Where can I find some documentation about widgets, fields or theming in general?

Please take a look at the react-jsonschema-form documentation that will answers 90% of the rendering questions. If not, please take a look at Theming



The idea is to build forms using mutations from the GraphQL API.

ApolloForm is "just" a wrapper around react-jsonschema-form.

It brings some "embed" features:

  • JSON schema generation from GraphQL Schema
  • conditionals forms
  • form rendering customisation with render props
  • build JSON Schema with functions (with functional-json-schema)

GraphQL to JSON Schema

See graphql-2-json-schema package.

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