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We want you to help us write awesome Community driven open source web development tutorials!. By developers, for developers.

Here's a simple list of questions to help you figure out if you should publish a web development tutorial on cdnjs:

  • Do you love web development?
  • Do you want to help other people learn web development?
  • Did you just learn about something awesome that you think other people would find awesome too?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we want you to write a web development tutorial and publish it on cdnjs! It's super easy!


Simply fork the repository and copy the example tutorial

Each tutorial should have a master file which will contain the contents of your tutorial. And it should also contain a tutorial.json file which contains all the meta information about your tutorial.

We want to make a super beautiful and useful tutorial system where anyone can get setup in minutes.

Tutorial Listings

Tutorials show under each associated library on the website, and are also all available via the API. At the moment we don't have support for generic JavaScript tutorials but please leave an issue if you want to write one.

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Why host your tutorial on cdnjs?

  • is visited by hundreds of thousands of web developers every month.
  • You don't have to worry about setting up an elegant website to display your tutorials.
  • Authors get full credit and can remove their work at any time.
  • Everything is hosted on GitHub so the community can easily help fix bugs and grammatical mistakes in your tutorials.


Each library is released under its own license. This cdnjs repository and the tutorials within are published under MIT license.

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