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A set of Minecraft mods that provide a real time web-based map system for various Minecraft server implementations.
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Write Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript.
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Based Minecraft utility mod.
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A Minecraft mapping tool that creates 3D models of your Minecraft worlds and displays them in a web viewer.
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Vulkan renderer mod for Minecraft.
9 days ago45July 25, 202254mpl-2.0Rust
Fast and multi-source CLI program for managing Minecraft mods and modpacks from Modrinth, CurseForge, and GitHub Releases
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Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client v7
Minecraft Mod Language Package742
a day ago256otherC#
A language package for Minecraft Mods.
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CC: Tweaked

Current build status Download CC: Tweaked on CurseForge

CC: Tweaked is a fork of ComputerCraft, adding programmable computers, turtles and more to Minecraft.


ComputerCraft has always held a fond place in my heart: it's the mod which really got me into Minecraft, and it's the mod which has kept me playing it for many years. However, development of the original mod has slowed, as the original developers have had less time to work on the mod, and moved onto other projects and commitments.

CC: Tweaked (or CC:T for short) is an attempt to continue ComputerCraft's legacy. It's not intended to be a competitor to CC, nor do I want to take it in a vastly different direction to the original mod. Instead, CC:T focuses on making the ComputerCraft experience as solid as possible, ironing out any wrinkles that may have developed over time.


CC: Tweaked contains all the features of the latest version of ComputerCraft, as well as numerous fixes, performance improvements and several nifty additions. I'd recommend checking out the releases page to see the full set of changes, but here's a couple of the more interesting additions:

  • Improvements to the http library, including websockets, support for other HTTP methods (PUT, DELETE, etc...) and configurable limits on HTTP usage.
  • Full-block wired modems, allowing one to wrap non-solid peripherals (such as turtles, or chests if Plethora is installed).
  • Pocket computers can be held like maps, allowing you to view the screen without entering a GUI.
  • Printed pages and books can be placed in item frames and held like maps.
  • Several profiling and administration tools for server owners, via the /computercraft command. This allows operators to track which computers are hogging resources, turn on and shutdown multiple computers at once and interact with computers remotely.
  • Closer emulation of standard Lua, adding the debug and io libraries. This also enables seeking within binary files, meaning you don't need to read large files into memory.
  • Allow running multiple computers on multiple threads, reducing latency on worlds with many computers.

Relation to CCTweaks?

This mod has nothing to do with CCTweaks, though there is no denying the name is a throwback to it. That being said, several features have been included, such as full block modems, the Cobalt runtime and map-like rendering for pocket computers.


Any contribution is welcome, be that using the mod, reporting bugs or contributing code. If you want to get started developing the mod, check out the instructions here.


If you need help getting started with CC: Tweaked, want to show off your latest project, or just want to chat about ComputerCraft we have a forum and Discord guild! There's also a fairly populated, albeit quiet IRC channel, if that's more your cup of tea.

I'd generally recommend you don't contact me directly (email, DM, etc...) unless absolutely necessary (i.e. in order to report exploits). You'll get a far quicker response if you ask the whole community!


If you want to depend on CC: Tweaked, we have a maven repo. However, you should be wary that some functionality is only exposed by CC:T's API and not vanilla ComputerCraft. If you wish to support all variations of ComputerCraft, I recommend using's maven instead.

dependencies {
  maven { url '' }

dependencies {
  implementation "org.squiddev:cc-tweaked-${mc_version}:${cct_version}"

You should also be careful to only use classes within the dan200.computercraft.api package. Non-API classes are subject to change at any point. If you depend on functionality outside the API, file an issue, and we can look into exposing more features.

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