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Useful Mods

Note: Alkyaly has stopped maintaining their list, and they have given me the responsibility to maintain their list (original list here).

A list of useful mods for most commonly-played versions.

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We try our best to check and make sure there are no malicious mods/software on our list. However, we can not be held responsible if you get infected with malware or a virus from anything on this list. It is not possible for us to check each and every version of every item on this list; You are responsible for checking anything you download from the internet using hashes (when provided), extraction software that allows you to see what is contained inside downloaded files, or by any means you see fit.

Version List

Performance and Bug fixing mods

Version Performance
Mods that help improve performance
Mods that fixes bugs
1.20.x Available Available
1.19.x Available Available
1.18.x Available Available
1.17.x Available Available
1.16.x Available Available
1.15.x Available Available
1.12.x Available Available
1.8.9 and below Available Available

Note on Optifine

Enhancement mods

Version Helpful
Mods that help with certain aspects of the game
Mods that improve on aspects of the game
Modpack Tools
Useful mods for modpack creators
1.19.x Available Available Available
1.18.x Available Available Available
1.17.x Available Available Available
1.16.x Available Available Available
1.15.x WIP WIP Available
1.12.x WIP WIP Available
1.8.9 and below WIP WIP Available

External Software

Theme Description
Launchers Used to launch the game
Bukkit, Spigot, etc. Used to run a server
Graphical Graphical related software
World Management Used to manage or modifiy worlds
Server Management Used to manage servers

Java Arguments optimization

Other Lists


Labels are used to give you a better understanding of how a mod may act. | Name | Meaning | | :--: | :-----: | | Alpha | Mod is in alpha and therefore might be unstable. | | Bloat | Contain content that might not be desirable and cant be turned off via configs, commands, or other methods. | | Buggy | Mod is buggy. | | Configuration Needed | Mod needs to be configured to act at its best. | | Corruption | Mod has a chance to corrupt save files. | | Incompatible | Mod is incompatible with some mods. | | Reverse Features | Mod takes away features for sake of performance or bugfixes. | | Unstable | Mod is unstable and may act unpredictably. |

Severity Level

Severity Level is used alongside labels for a clearer understanding of how severe the issue is. | Level | Meaning | | :---: | :-----: | | 1 | Low chance to affect user | | 2 | Low to medium chance to affect user | | 3 | Medium chance to affect user | | 4 | Medium to high chance to affect user | | 5 | High chance to affect user | | 6 | Very high chance to affect user | | 7 | Will affect user | | ? | Level of severity is unknown |

Extra Information

You might find some superscripted numbers around the repository. These are used to tell extra information about the mods that labels and danger levels do not apply to.

The mod should work if Mixin-0-7-0-8-Compatibility is applied

Cull Particles isn't needed anymore in newer Forge versions, as it was implemented in Forge

Do not blame me if you didn't read this notice. If you try to load a older world in a newer instance of the game, and you have one of these mods installed, bad things will happen, make sure to uninstall the mod first

Some of the mods that have Sodium as an incompatibility, might work if you use Indium

AI Improvements newer versions (1.14+) don't have as much impact as the older versions have, since in newer versions of Minecraft, a lot of fixes to the AI are implemented ([Sources: Curseforge page FAQ, Dev])

Halogen has issues with Forge's ExplosionEvent, see sodium-forge#33

These mods also work on 1.17.x , despite having only 1.16 and 1.18 releases in curseforge, no workarounds needed. Install them like any other mods and your fabric loader won't complain about missing dependencies

Some of the mods that have Magnesium/Rubidium as an incompatibility, might work if you use Calcium

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