A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.
Alternatives To Carp
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6 days ago907agpl-3.0Scala
♞ the forever free, adless and open source chess server ♞
15 days ago140apache-2.0Haskell
A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.
Cube Composer1,873
2 years ago8mitPureScript
A puzzle game inspired by functional programming
3 months agomitC
Simple and flexible programming language for applications development
Bitecs814912 days ago133August 07, 202332mpl-2.0JavaScript
Functional, minimal, data-oriented, ultra-high performance ECS library written in JavaScript
Indigo58343 months ago18November 26, 202398mitScala
An FP game engine for Scala.
574 months ago41December 08, 20231bsd-3-clauseHaskell
Functional Reactive Programming domain-specific language for efficient hybrid systems
10 months ago3agpl-3.0Elm
A Nintendo™ Game Boy™ Emulator written in Elm.
a year ago8April 08, 202313otherHaskell
A free and open source breakout clone in Haskell using SDL and FRP, with Wiimote and Kinect support.
4 months ago26December 22, 202316otherHaskell
Classic FRP, Arrowized FRP, Reactive Programming, and Stream Programming, all via Monadic Stream Functions
Alternatives To Carp
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