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cube composer

A puzzle game inspired by functional programming, written in PureScript.

Play it online!

Local install

git clone
cd cube-composer
npm install
bower install

If no errors occur, the game can now be played on a browser by opening index.html.

Creating new levels

Levels are grouped into chapters. Each chapter has a dedicated file in the folder src/Levels/. To create a new chapter, you can copy one of the existing files, bump the chapter number and add it to the allChapters list in Levels.purs. Each chapter comes with a specific list of transformers (functions). As an example, we look at map (Yellow ↦ Red) in Chapter0.purs:

"replaceYbyR" :> {
    name: "map {Yellow}↦{Red}",
    function: replaceSingle Yellow Red

Here, replaceYbyR is an internal ID which is used to identify the transformer, map {Yellow}↦{Red} is the displayed name of the transformer ({x} will be replaced by a small cube of color x) and replaceSingle Yellow Red is the implementation of the transformer. The function field in the record has to be of type Transformer, where

type Stack = List Cube
type Wall = List Stack
type Transformer = Wall -> Wall

Consequently, a Transformer is a function that transforms a 2D array of cubes (Wall). Some basic transformers are given in Transformer.purs.

Each level is given by a record like

"0.2" :-> {
  name: "Level title",
  help: Just "...",
  difficulty: Easy,
  initial: [[Yellow, Yellow, Red], [Yellow, Red], ...],
  target: [[Red], [Red], [Red], [Red], [Red], [Red]]

where 0.2 is the Chapter.Level ID of the level, name is the title of the puzzle, help is the help text shown in the right panel, difficulty is Easy, Medium or Hard and initial :: Wall and target :: Wall are the inital and target 2D arrays of cubes.

To view all levels with all shortest solutions for each (can be useful, among other things, to verify newly introduced levels can be solved as planned – and cannot be solved in another way which undermines their point):

gulp prod
node dist/cli.js

Please send a pull request if you would like to add your puzzles to the game.

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