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Webpack 4 Demo · Legato 🎶

Demo project to start using and experiment with Webpack 4

GitHub license David


Restore dependencies and start development server:

yarn && yarn dev

Check your browser console at localhost:8080



Install webpack

yarn add webpack webpack-cli --dev

This project started with Webpack 4 in beta version:

# add webpack 4 (currently on 4.0.0-beta.2)
yarn add [email protected] webpack-cli --dev

Zero Config (#0CJS)

Entry / Output

No need for explicit specify entry and output properties in the webpack configuration.

In Webpack 4 those fields are defaulted to:

    "entry": "./src",
    "output": "./dist"


Webpack mode reduce the required configuration for an useful build:

  • development: this mode provide useful error messages and is optimized for speed (unminified bundle)
  • production: enables optimizations out of the box (scope hoisting, tree shaking, minification, etc.)
webpack --mode production

There is also another hidden none mode which disables everything (available only inside the configuration object).


  • Dropped Node.js 4 support. Therefore, more benefits from ES6 features (optimizations from V8).
  • Sets of defaults with production and development modes.
  • Changes on plugins (Some actives depending on mode. CommonsChunkPlugin was removed)
  • Optimizations, performance boost and many more...
  • Read changeset of Webpack v4.0.0



MIT © Carloluis

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