Qbittorrent Enhanced Edition

[Unofficial] qBittorrent Enhanced, based on qBittorrent
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21 hours ago2,894otherC++
qBittorrent BitTorrent client
19 hours ago626otherC++
Official Transmission BitTorrent client repository
Qbittorrent Enhanced Edition5,584
3 years agon,ullotherC++
[Unofficial] qBittorrent Enhanced, based on qBittorrent
2 days ago426lgpl-3.0Python
Privacy enhanced BitTorrent client with P2P content discovery
16 hours ago61otherPHP
openmediavault is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. It contains services like SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS, DAAP media server, RSync, BitTorrent client and many more. Thanks to the modular design of the framework it can be enhanced via plugins. OpenMediaVault is primarily designed to be used in home environments or small home offices, but is not limited to those scenarios. It is a simple and easy to use out-of-the-box solution that will allow everyone to install and administrate a Network Attached Storage without deeper knowledge.
5 months agoSeptember 03, 2015422gpl-2.0C++
rTorrent BitTorrent client
4 months ago187mitC++
A tiny, hackable BitTorrent client.
20 days ago19February 27, 202323gpl-3.0Go
Easy to Use Torrent Client. Can be hosted in Cloud. Files can be streamed in Browser/Media Player.
Torrent Client1,55227 months ago4February 23, 20212gpl-3.0Go
Tiny BitTorrent client written in Go
11 days ago20otherPython
Deluge BitTorrent client - Git mirror, PRs only
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qBittorrent Enhanced Edition

Important Note for user and tracker operators


  1. Auto Ban Xunlei, QQ, Baidu, Xfplay, DLBT and Offline downloader

  2. Temporary IP Filter API for advanced user

  3. Update MessageBox with changelog if NEW version is available

  4. Auto Ban Unknown Peer from China Option (Default: OFF)

  5. Auto Update Public Trackers List (Default: OFF)

  6. Auto Ban BitTorrent Media Player Peer Option (Default: OFF)


qBittorrent is a bittorrent client programmed in C++ / Qt that uses libtorrent (sometimes called libtorrent-rasterbar) by Arvid Norberg.

It aims to be a good alternative to all other bittorrent clients out there. qBittorrent is fast, stable and provides unicode support as well as many features.

The free IP to Country Lite database by DB-IP is used for resolving the countries of peers. The database is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


For installation, follow the instructions from INSTALL file, but simple:

make && make install

will install and execute qBittorrent hopefully without any problem.


If you are using a desktop Linux distribution without any special demands, you can use AppImage from release page.

Latest AppImage download: qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition.AppImage

Arch Linux (Maintainer: c0re100)


nox AUR

Debian (Maintainer: Kolcha)


openSUSE/RPM-based Linux distro (Maintainer: PhoenixEmik)

openSUSE repo

Ubuntu (Maintainer: poplite)


macOS (Homebrew) (Maintainer: AlexaraWu)

brew install --cask c0re100-qbittorrent


Chocolatey (Maintainer: iYato)

choco install qbittorrent-enhanced

Scoop (Maintainer: Chawye Hsu)

scoop bucket add dorado https://github.com/chawyehsu/dorado
scoop install qbittorrent-enhanced


For more information please visit: https://www.qbittorrent.org

or our wiki here: http://wiki.qbittorrent.org

Use the forum for troubleshooting before reporting bugs: http://forum.qbittorrent.org

Please report any bug (or feature request) to: http://bugs.qbittorrent.org

For extra features bug(such as Auto Ban, API, Auto Update Tracker lists...), please report to: https://github.com/c0re100/qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition/issues

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