Modeltime unlocks time series forecast models and machine learning in one framework
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4 days ago7March 22, 202240mitPython
NeuralProphet: A simple forecasting package
Orbit1,58414 months ago17April 28, 202254otherPython
A Python package for Bayesian forecasting with object-oriented design and probabilistic models under the hood.
Flow Forecast1,463
5 days ago94gpl-3.0Python
Deep learning PyTorch library for time series forecasting, classification, and anomaly detection (originally for flood forecasting).
Forecast1,0311891472 months ago86January 10, 202214R
forecast package for R
14 days ago147otherFortran
The official repository for the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model
Web Traffic Forecasting552
5 years ago12Python
Kaggle | Web Traffic Forecasting 📈
Timetk55113222 months ago18April 07, 202222R
Time series analysis in the `tidyverse`
M4 Methods539
3 years ago10R
Data, Benchmarks, and methods submitted to the M4 forecasting competition
Modeltime4521124 days ago20June 01, 202247otherR
Modeltime unlocks time series forecast models and machine learning in one framework
Pyaf4254a month ago12May 14, 202212bsd-3-clausePython
PyAF is an Open Source Python library for Automatic Time Series Forecasting built on top of popular pydata modules.
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Tidy time series forecasting with tidymodels.

Quickstart Video

For those that prefer video tutorials, we have an 11-minute YouTube Video that walks you through the Modeltime Workflow.

Introduction to Modeltime

(Click to Watch on YouTube)



CRAN version:

install.packages("modeltime", dependencies = TRUE)

Development version:

remotes::install_github("business-science/modeltime", dependencies = TRUE)

Why modeltime?

Modeltime unlocks time series models and machine learning in one framework

No need to switch back and forth between various frameworks. modeltime unlocks machine learning & classical time series analysis.

  • forecast: Use ARIMA, ETS, and more models coming (arima_reg(), arima_boost(), & exp_smoothing()).
  • prophet: Use Facebook’s Prophet algorithm (prophet_reg() & prophet_boost())
  • tidymodels: Use any parsnip model: rand_forest(), boost_tree(), linear_reg(), mars(), svm_rbf() to forecast

Forecast faster

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Modeltime incorporates a streamlined workflow (see Getting Started with Modeltime) for using best practices to forecast.

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Meet the modeltime ecosystem

Learn a growing ecosystem of forecasting packages

The modeltime ecosystem is growing

Modeltime is part of a growing ecosystem of Modeltime forecasting packages.


Modeltime is an amazing ecosystem for time series forecasting. But it can take a long time to learn:

  • Many algorithms
  • Ensembling and Resampling
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Scalable Modeling: 10,000+ time series

Your probably thinking how am I ever going to learn time series forecasting. Here’s the solution that will save you years of struggling.

Take the High-Performance Forecasting Course

Become the forecasting expert for your organization

High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

High-Performance Time Series Course

Time Series is Changing

Time series is changing. Businesses now need 10,000+ time series forecasts every day. This is what I call a High-Performance Time Series Forecasting System (HPTSF) - Accurate, Robust, and Scalable Forecasting.

High-Performance Forecasting Systems will save companies by improving accuracy and scalability. Imagine what will happen to your career if you can provide your organization a “High-Performance Time Series Forecasting System” (HPTSF System).

How to Learn High-Performance Time Series Forecasting

I teach how to build a HPTFS System in my High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course. You will learn:

  • Time Series Machine Learning (cutting-edge) with Modeltime - 30+ Models (Prophet, ARIMA, XGBoost, Random Forest, & many more)
  • Deep Learning with GluonTS (Competition Winners)
  • Time Series Preprocessing, Noise Reduction, & Anomaly Detection
  • Feature engineering using lagged variables & external regressors
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Time series cross-validation
  • Ensembling Multiple Machine Learning & Univariate Modeling Techniques (Competition Winner)
  • Scalable Forecasting - Forecast 1000+ time series in parallel
  • and more.

Become the Time Series Expert for your organization.

Take the High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

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