A web client for Reddit with authenticated logins and a variety of browsing options
Alternatives To Troddit
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A community discussion platform: Brings together the main features from StackOverflow, Slack, Discourse, Reddit, and Disqus blog comments.
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Scrapes Reddit to download media of your choice.
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Awesome React / Redux boilerplate and tutorial.
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A web client for Reddit with authenticated logins and a variety of browsing options
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react native
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All-in-one chat and forums for communities.
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React boilerplate for thenewboston tutorials.
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The Reddit client for Silicon Valley
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Review removed content on reddit. Uses the Pushshift API, built on code from removeddit.
React Demo Projects83
10 months ago19mitJavaScript
Sample React Projects built with different libraries such as Redux, Apollo, React Router etc.
Alternatives To Troddit
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An alternative front end web client for Reddit

Live at


Flexible column viewing.

Shown browsing a multi-reddit. Subreddits pane and options menu open. columns_options

Classic rows view


with inline media expansion and custom reddit video player


Open posts with comments to the side and use arrows for navigation


Search for subreddits, users, and posts.

Shown in single column mode with wide UI disabled. Sort options menu is open. search_narrow

Fully responsive, downloadable as PWA



  • Secure logins with Reddit to enable voting, commenting, managing your subreddits and multireddits (aka feeds), and access to your personal front page.
  • 'Offline mode' to follow subreddits and manage multis locally without login. Autogenerates a personal front page.
    • Visit your subreddits multi and copy the multireddit link. Replace 'reddit' with 'troddit' in the URL and then use the 'Join All' option to quickly follow all subs locally.
  • Search Reddit for posts or subreddits quickly with auto-complete.
  • Filter posts by type (Images, Video/GIFs, Links, Self)
  • View posts in single column, custom multi-column with a grid-masonry layout, or a simple row mode. All with infinite-scrolling.
  • Choose your card style: Original for full post text in card, Compact to exclude post text, or Media to hide all text and card padding.
  • Gallery view: Click on a post and navigate through the feed with on screen buttons or your arrow keys. Shows the post content as well as its comments from Reddit. Smart portrait mode to automatically arrange vertical photos and videos side by side with comments.
  • Hover mouse over Reddit videos to play. Enable to Autoplay option to play videos automatically when entering the viewport. Enable the Audio option to play sound on hover as well.
  • Responsive desktop and mobile layouts.
  • PWA to download to your computer or phone.
  • Docker support


Clone the repo and install all packages with npm or yarn. Then to run development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

To contribute create a branch and submit a PR!

Environment Variables

To use login functionality the following environment variables need to be defined in a .env.local file placed in the root directory:

CLIENT_ID=<ID of your Reddit app>
CLIENT_SECRET=<Secret from your Reddit app>
REDDIT_REDIRECT=<YOUR DOMAIN/api/auth/callback/reddit>
SIGNING_PRIVATE_KEY=<See, Generate with $jose newkey -s 256 -t oct -a HS512>

To create a Reddit app visit The redirect uri should match the REDDIT_REDIRECT variable.


To Deploy the Docker Image

docker pull bsyed/troddit
docker run -d --name troddit -p 3000:3000 bsyed/troddit

To Build the Image Yourself

By default, the Docker will expose port 3000, so change this within the Dockerfile if necessary. When ready, simply use the Dockerfile to build the image.

Clone and navigate to the repository

git clone
cd troddit

To build the image and run container

docker-compose up

Or to just build

docker build . -t troddit

This will create the troddit image and pull in the necessary dependencies. To run:

docker run -p 3000:3000 troddit


If you like the project feel free to share and leave a star. If you're feeling generous you can support me on Ko-fi.


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