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EdgeOS Setup Scripts


This repository is a set of scripts and other utilities to improve the overal functioning of the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter series of devices. These scripts are not maintained by Ubiquiti and are provided with no warranty expressed or implied.

This repository does not replace a basic knowledge of how to navigate the EdgeOS CLI. For more information on getting started with EdgeOS, consult the User Guide available at

Now, let's get down to bid'ness.

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter series of devices (included in the EdgeMax line of products) are Linux based routers with a number of features comparable to more expensive networking gear. With a proper understanding of how the devices work, this functionality can far exceed hardware available at 10x the price.


  ├── Documentation - information on how the device operates
  ├── config_snippets - sets of configuration commands for various tasks
  ├── fs -  files to be added to the filesystem where "fs" becomes "/"
  │   └── config
  │       └── scripts
  │           └── post-config.d
  └── scripts - scripts for day to day management


To use this repository clone and then deploy desired files as follows:

  $ scp -r fs router:
  $ sudo cp -Rv fs/* /


  • - Fix some nits with logging on the device
  • - Change the configuration of sshguard
  • - Persist additional packages across firmware upgrades

Related Projects

See the file for other GitHub projects attempting to extend the EdgeRouter + EdgeOS functionality.

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