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This library provides various containers. Each container has utility functions to manipulate the data it holds. This is an abstraction as to not have to manually manage and reallocate memory.

Inspired by the C++ standard library; however, implemented using C with different function interfaces as the C++ standard library but with the same container names.


It is possible to compile this library as either static .a or dynamic .so:

  1. A static library is slightly faster than a dynamic one, however, if the library is modified, the entire project codebase which uses it will need to be relinked.
  2. A dynamic library can be changed without relinking the codebase, assuming no function definitions have changed.

The installation process is as follows:

  1. Clone this repository and navigate to it.
  2. Run make static_clang/make static_gcc or make dynamic_clang/make dynamic_gcc for either a static or dynamic library.
  3. Then, you can copy-paste containers.h and containers.a/ into your project to include the containers.
  4. Finally, you remember to link the library by including containers.a -ldl/ -ldl as an argument.


For high-level documentation and usage, visit the documentation page. For in-depth documentation, visit the code docs page.

Container Types

The container types that this library contains are described below.

Sequence containers

Data structures which can be accessed sequentially.

  • array - static contiguous array
  • vector - dynamic contiguous array
  • deque - double-ended queue
  • forward_list - singly-linked list
  • list - doubly-linked list

Associative containers

Data structures that can be quickly searched which use comparators.

  • set - collection of unique keys, sorted by keys
  • map - collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys, keys are unique
  • multiset - collection of keys, sorted by keys
  • multimap - collection of key-value pairs, sorted by keys

Unordered associative containers

Data structures that can be quickly searched which use hashing.

  • unordered_set - collection of unique keys, hashed by keys
  • unordered_map - collection of key-value pairs, hashed by keys, keys are unique
  • unordered_multiset - collection of keys, hashed by keys
  • unordered_multimap - collection of key-value pairs, hashed by keys

Container adaptors

Data structures which adapt other containers to enhance functionality.

  • stack - adapts a container to provide stack (last-in first-out)
  • queue - adapts a container to provide queue (first-in first-out)
  • priority_queue - adapts a container to provide priority queue

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