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GitOps Workflow for Kubernetes Cluster


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📖  Overview

Leverage Flux2 to automate cluster state using code residing in this repo

💻  Infrastructure

See the k3s setup in the homelab-infrastructure repo for more detail about hardware and infrastructure

⚙️  Setup

See setup for more detail about setup & bootstrapping a new cluster

🔧  Workloads (by namespace)

🤖  Automation

  • Renovate keeps workloads up-to-date by scanning the repo and opening pull requests when it detects a new container image update or a new helm chart
  • Kured automatically drains & reboots nodes when OS patches are applied requiring a reboot
  • System Upgrade Controller automatically upgrades k3s to new versions as they are released

🤝  Community

There is a really great community of like-minded folks doing similar efforts who have shared their clusters over at awesome-home-kubernetes

There is also an active the [email protected] Discord for this community and great discussion.

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