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HBMQTT is an open source MQTT_ client and broker implementation.

Built on top of asyncio_, Python's standard asynchronous I/O framework, HBMQTT provides a straightforward API based on coroutines, making it easy to write highly concurrent applications.

.. _asyncio:


HBMQTT implements the full set of MQTT 3.1.1_ protocol specifications and provides the following features:

  • Support QoS 0, QoS 1 and QoS 2 messages flow
  • Client auto-reconnection on network lost
  • Authentication through password file (more methods can be added through a plugin system)
  • Basic $SYS topics
  • TCP and websocket support
  • SSL support over TCP and websocket
  • Plugin system

Build status

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Project status

.. image:: :target: :alt: Documentation Status

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Getting started

hbmqtt is available on Pypi <>_ and can installed simply using pip : ::

$ pip install hbmqtt

Documentation is available on Read the Docs_.

Bug reports, patches and suggestions welcome! Just open an issue_ or join the gitter channel_.

.. image:: :target: :alt: 'Join the chat at'

.. _MQTT: .. _MQTT 3.1.1: .. _Read the Docs: .. _open an issue: .. _gitter channel:

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