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Greetings 👋

Here is my collection configs for zsh, fzf, neovim and friends

Sneak Peak of Neovim Config


Key Neovim Features

Init written in fennel and compiled to lua

Lua utils library

My own help file and tags generator

Snippets library

Cool Vimscript and Lua functions

Telescope and many other awesome plugins configured

IDE like experience + heaps of vim tricks

Now featuring a parser based treesitter for syntax highlighting and other goodies.

Demonstrated here with a minified CSS file. We can see easily the limits of regex based syntax. Treesitter has numerous other benefits too, such as speed. treesitter

Plus tons of awesome shell scripts. Enhanced rm, cd and more. Git commands + FZF + Shell awesomeness = productivity level over 9000.

FZF Enhanced rm. Delete multiple files at once interactively!

FZF Enhanced git status. Open files in $EDITOR and see changes at a glance!

FZF Enhanced git checkout. Checkout quick to local and remote + FZF list of branches.

Sneak Peak of Vim Config


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Lua (33,337
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