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Browser Automation Studio

BrowserAutomationStudio is a solution that allows you to quickly create applications using browser, http client, email client, and other libraries. Programming skills are not required. Main application types: creation of posters, spammers, parsers, uploaders, apps for the social networks.

Projects compiled with BAS are standalone executables and does not require any other software installed on your PC(including BAS).

Software operates like macro recorder: all actions that a user makes are recorded and can be played or edited afterwards.

BrowserAutomationStudio supports arbitrary javascript execution.

Here is how main window look like: Bas Interface

This is compiled script user interface: Compiled script interface

Visual editor to generate javascript expression: Visual Editor

Account manager: Database Manager


  • Absolutely 100% Free.
  • Can create standalone bots in two clicks.
  • Well documented.
  • No coding skills required! Code in visual constructor.
  • Drag&Drop actions.
  • Conditions, loops.
  • Easy and powerful multithreading.
  • Visual expression editor.
  • Supports socks and http proxies.
  • Captcha services integration including ReCaptcha 2.0 and invisible ReCaptcha.
  • Capmonster 2 integration.
  • Captcha sniper integration.
  • Receive sms modules.
  • Email module. Search in mailbox.
  • 100% browser emulation with chrome.
  • Emulate other browsers with fingerprint switcher module.
  • Native mouse click and move. Native keyboard emulation.
  • Tabs support.
  • Frames support.
  • Easy drag & drop.
  • Special keys emulation: Tab, Ctrl, etc.
  • Disabled ip tracking through WebRTC.
  • Timezone change.
  • Very fast http client(up to 2000 threads).
  • User interface constructor.
  • Load data from file/url/string. Delete lines, mix.
  • Random string generator(tags).
  • Works with database. Powerful database editor.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Xpath queries.
  • Image queries.
  • Spintax.
  • Ability to write your own actions in javascript.
  • Supports flash(can be disabled).
  • Custom css, xpath, text queries.
  • Developer tools integration.
  • Network filters and cache captures.
  • Autoupdater.
  • Application store.
  • Extendable module system. Write your own in javascript or c++.


Download from


See instructions:

Learn how to use it

Read wiki

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