Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System
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Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System
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Pokémon save editing and analysis library with interfaces in C++, C, C#, Lua, Python, and Ruby
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Game based on Nintendo's most famous characters (GBA Version)
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nesicide is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Products in Project

This project contains the following products:

  • NESICIDE (the IDE itself)
  • A NES emulator (standalone package of the emulator used in the IDE)
  • Qt FamiTracker (a fork of jsr's FamiTracker)
  • FamiPlayer (a music player for .ftm files)


The following steps are required prior to building this project on any platform.

  1. Install git
  2. Install Qt 5.12.6 as it was the latest kit to be verified to build NESICIDE properly without errors. Please do not use a kit later than this, or if you do, please create a pull request with necessary changes.
  3. Make sure qmake and your Qt installation is in your PATH.

At the time of writing this Mac OS Homewbrew contains Qt 5.14.1 and NESICIDE can also be built with that version of Qt. So, alternatively, you can install Qt using

brew intall qt5

Debian prerequisites

sudo apt-get install qtchooser build-essential libasound2-dev liblua5.1-dev libsdl1.2-dev libgl1-mesa-dev 

Arch Linux prerequisites

sudo pacman -S lua sdl mesa wine

Windows prerequisites

Install GnuWin32 and wget.


This project builds for Linux, macOS, and Windows. To perform a build for any supported platform follow the instructions for the platform below.

NOTE: The build process takes a while, so grab a snack while you wait. ;)


  1. ./build/
  2. ./build/ local


If you installed Qt from Homebrew you need to set the following environment variable so that the build process can find qmake (the qt5 Homebrew formula is keg-only):

  1. ./build/
  2. ./build/ local


NOTE: The build process uses GnuWin32 tools and MinGW tools. Install these and make sure that mingw32-make and wget are on your path.

  1. ./build/
  2. ./build/ local


The creates artifacts of the following form.


Separate AppImage executables for each product of the project. See for information on AppImage containers.


Separate Apple Disk Images (DMGs) for each product of the project.


Monolithic bzipped tarball containing all products of the project, extractable to anywhere.


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