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Thinking Notebook & Markdown Editor

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Are you drowning in information, but starving for knowledge? Where do you keep your private remarks like ideas, personal plans, gift tips, how-tos, dreams, business vision, finance strategy, auto coaching notes? Loads of documents, sketches and remarks spread around the file system, cloud, web and Post-it notes? Are you afraid of your knowledge privacy? Are you able to find them once you create them? Do you know how are they mutually related when you read or write them? No?

Markdown Editor


MindForger is open, free, well performing Markdown editor which respects your privacy and enables security.

Thinking Notebook


MindForger is actually more than an editor or IDE - it's human mind inspired personal knowledge management tool.






Nightly builds:

Check also packages for Linux and Unix.



Check man mindforger

In the News

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