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Official repository for the aws-record gem, an abstraction for Amazon DynamoDB.
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Aws Sdk Java3,91326223 days ago933May 04, 2022141apache-2.0
The official AWS SDK for Java.
Pynamodb2,125121 days ago13June 09, 2022254mitPython
A pythonic interface to Amazon's DynamoDB
3 years ago38mitJavaScript
A sample authentication service implemented with a server-less architecture, using AWS Lambda to host and execute the code and Amazon DynamoDB as persistent storage. This provides a cost-efficient solution that is scalable and highly available and can be used with Amazon Cognito for Developer Authenticated Identities.
Awesome Dynamodb1,251
15 days ago1
List of resources for learning about modeling, operating, and using Amazon DynamoDB
Learn Aws Lambda945
a year ago3September 08, 201652JavaScript
✨ Learn how to use AWS Lambda to easily create infinitely scalable web services
Dynalite91817778a year ago121February 08, 202240mitJavaScript
An implementation of Amazon's DynamoDB built on LevelDB
a month ago14May 02, 20222mitPython
Simple backup and restore for Amazon DynamoDB using AWS SDK for Python (boto3)
Dynamodb Data Mapper Js7582943a year ago17August 15, 201877apache-2.0TypeScript
A schema-based data mapper for Amazon DynamoDB.
Awscala738112 days ago9February 13, 202171otherScala
Using AWS SDK on the Scala REPL
Lambda Refarch Imagerecognition656
2 months ago10apache-2.0JavaScript
The Image Recognition and Processing Backend reference architecture demonstrates how to use AWS Step Functions to orchestrate a serverless processing workflow using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Rekognition.
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A data mapping abstraction over the AWS SDK for Ruby's client for Amazon DynamoDB.

This library is currently under development. More features will be added as we approach general availability, and while our initial release has as small of an API surface area as possible, the interface may change before the GA release.

We would like to invite you to be a part of the ongoing development of this gem. We welcome your contributions, and would also be happy to hear from you about how you would like to use this gem. Feature requests are welcome.

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Aws::Record is available as the aws-record gem from RubyGems.

gem install 'aws-record'
gem 'aws-record', '~> 2.0'

This automatically includes a dependency on the aws-sdk-dynamodb gem (part of the modular version-3 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. If you need to pin to a specific version, you can add aws-sdk-dynamodb or aws-sdk-core gem in your Gemfile.


To create a model that uses aws-record features, simply include the provided module:

class MyModel
  include Aws::Record

You can then specify attributes using the aws-record DSL:

class MyModel
  include Aws::Record
  integer_attr :id, hash_key: true
  string_attr  :name, range_key: true
  boolean_attr :active, database_attribute_name: "is_active_flag"

If a matching table does not exist in DynamoDB, you can use the TableConfig DSL to create your table:

cfg = Aws::Record::TableConfig.define do |t|

With a table in place, you can then use your model class to manipulate items in your table:

item = MyModel.find(id: 1, name: "Hello Record") = true

MyModel.find(id: 1, name: "Hello Record") # => nil

item = = 2 = "Item" = false
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