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NOTICE: We've moved to Gitlab, and Github will no longer be used. Go here for more up to date info:

Welcome to Ataraxia GNU/Linux

Ataraxia GNU/Linux is an independent Linux-based OS focusing on simplicity, security and privacy.



Ataraxia GNU/Linux is a Linux-based operating system, it was made from scratch and it follows three main principles: security, privacy and simplicity. Ataraxia GNU/Linux tries to be an innovative OS and therefore uses latest technologies from the GNU/Linux world. Ataraxia GNU/Linux is different from other distributions, for example it uses musl libc as the standard C library, LLVM/Clang toolchain as the default compiler, a significantly more secure SSL/TLS library called LibreSSL and simple userland tools such as Toybox, lobase (OpenBSD userland for Linux and) and some Plan 9 tools. Ataraxia GNU/Linux is oriented towards professional Linux users.


Despite using systemd, Ataraxia GNU/Linux is adhering a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. It replaces mainstream components with simpler alternatives which do not sacrifice user experience. musl libc, toybox and lobase are just a few of them! Our code is simple and understandable that means it's easier to audit and/or fork.


Like other popular distributions, Ataraxia GNU/Linux was compiled with PIC, PIE, SSP. However, Ataraxia GNU/Linux configures software to be more secure and it tries to decrease attack surface. Kernel is configured for better security, without compromise. Ataraxia GNU/Linux will provide new mitigations and security features like Control Flow Integrity (CFI), fork of PaX patchset.


Ataraxia GNU/Linux does not collect any form of data and it does not allow proprietary software in its repositories. Proprietary software is known as a main tool to violate user's privacy. Furthermore, Ataraxia GNU/Linux developers are patching software to avoid any data collection.

If you want to get help or advice, please, check out our IRC, Telegram, Matrix, Reddit and Discord.

Also, you can help us with finances. Check out our Patreon page and Ethereum wallet: 0xE72931051e4aDB1c79bbAcad1E1427B2D4eD0D01

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See the ./docs/ folder.

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