Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection
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Wuzz10,179110 months ago7January 22, 202144agpl-3.0Go
Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection
Dream Catcher207
6 years ago1mitJava
Inspection the Android HTTP(S) traffic in Chrome Developer Tools
Ngrok 1.770
7 years ago2otherGo
Modification of https://github.com/inconshreveable/ngrok c client here : https://github.com/koolshare/ngrok-libev
10 years ago1gpl-3.0PHP
PHP framework to test User-Agents and intermediary content inspection devices for denial-of-service vulnerabilities with respect to HTTP response decompression.
Ngrok 1.78
7 years agootherGo
Modification of(https://github.com/koolshare/ngrok-1.7)
Node Inseptor7
5 years agomitJavaScript
Autopsie Http6
6 years agoPython
Postmortem inspection of tcpdump
13 years agomitRuby
Collects and stores your outgoing HTTP requests for later inspection
Http Header Spy4
4 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
HTTP Header Spy enables you to inspect request- response headers and cookies right after page load with no extra clicks.
Php Grpc Server Nodejs Client4
4 years agoPHP
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Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection.

Wuzz command line arguments are similar to cURL's arguments, so it can be used to inspect/modify requests copied from the browser's network inspector with the "copy as cURL" feature.

wuzz screencast

Installation and usage

$ go get github.com/asciimoo/wuzz
$ "$GOPATH/bin/wuzz" --help

Note: golang >= 1.10 required.

Binary releases are also available.


It is possible to override default settings in a configuration file. The default location is "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wuzz/config.toml"on linux and ~/.wuzz/config.toml on other platforms. -c/--config switches can be used to load config file from custom location.

See example configuration for more details.


Keybinding Description
F1 Display help
Ctrl+R Send request
Ret Send request (only from URL view)
Ctrl+S Save response
Ctrl+E Save request
Ctrl+F Load request
Ctrl+C Quit
Ctrl+K, Shift+Tab Previous view
Ctlr+J, Tab Next view
Ctlr+T Toggle context specific search
Alt+H Toggle history
Down Move down one view line
Up Move up one view line
Page down Move down one view page
Page up Move up one view page
F2 Jump to URL
F3 Jump to query parameters
F4 Jump to HTTP method
F5 Jump to request body
F6 Jump to headers
F7 Jump to search
F8 Jump to response headers
F9 Jump to response body
F11 Redirects Restriction Mode

Context specific search

Wuzz accepts regular expressions by default to filter response body. Custom query syntax can be toggled by pressing Ctrl+T. The following formats have context specific search syntax:

Response format Query syntax
HTML PuerkitoBio/goquery
JSON tidwall/gjson


  • Better navigation
  • Autocompletion
  • Tests

Bugs / Suggestions

Bugs or suggestions? Visit the issue tracker or join #wuzz on freenode

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