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= Asciidoc Book Editor based on JavaFX 12 :experimental: :toc: :toc-placement: preamble :asciidocfx-version: 1.7.3 :download-root:{asciidocfx-version}/

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Asciidoc FX is a book / document editor to build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides. AsciidocFX is also a winner of[Duke's Choice Award 2015].

.AsciidocFX - Duke's Choice Award 2015 winner image::images/asciidocfx.png[]

== Features

  • Real-Time Preview
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Creating Asciidoc Books
  • Creating Markdown Books
  • Creating PDF, HTML, Epub, Mobi, Docbook
  • Epub Viewer
  • External Browser Support
  • Table Generator
  • MathJax Extension
  • PlantUML Extension
  • ditaa Extension
  • Filesystem Tree Extension
  • JavaFX Charts Extension
  • Source Code Highlighter
  • Reveal.js Converter
  • Deck.js Converter
  • Nashorn support
  • Pseudo Terminal Emulator
  • Themeing (Dark & White) _New _

== Pseudo Terminal Emulator

image::[Pseudo Terminal Emulator]

== How to Install AsciidocFX

There are a number of operating systems that AsciidocFX supports.

NOTE: The latest releases are available from the[Github releases page].

<<Supported_OS>> shows the list of available builds with links for reference. If you are looking for the very latest version, visit the link in the note above to be guaranteed of downloading the latest and greatest version of AsciidocFX.

NOTE: Thanks image:[link=] for providing us open source license for the installers used in AsciidocFX distribution.

NOTE: In all releases we use AdoptOpenJDK JREs, so you will not have any licensing issue regarding bundled JRE.

[[Supported_OS]] .Supported Operating Systems and Builds [width="100%",options="header"] |==================== | OS | Filename | Mac | {download-root}AsciidocFX_Mac.dmg[AsciidocFX_Mac.dmg] | Windows | {download-root}AsciidocFX_Windows.exe[AsciidocFX_Windows.exe] | Windows | {download-root}[] | Linux | {download-root}AsciidocFX_Linux.tar.gz[AsciidocFX_Linux.tar.gz] |====================

=== Install on Linux

After the download is completed, untar the package in your preferred directory.

[source,bash] $ sh AsciidocFX

//// === Install on Arch Linux

Install using the package manager in Arch Linux

[source,bash] $ yaourt -S asciidocfx ////

=== Install on Windows

Download executable/installer and run it.

=== Install on Mac

Download the .dmg and run it.


Use[Homebrew-cask] to install it with one command: brew cask install asciidocfx

=== Installation Notes

There are two AsciidocFX package flavors, you can download it with JRE 8 out-of-box or if you have already installed JRE 8 (Update 40 or above), you can download *No_JRE builds

Graphviz:: PlantUML extension needs Graphviz, if you will use it, then install it: + .Ubuntu [source,bash]

sudo apt-get install graphviz

.Mac OS X [source,bash]

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" brew install graphviz


[[microsoft-core-fonts]] Microsoft Core Fonts:: You must install Microsoft Core Fonts on Linux OSes also.



sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer


If you are using Fedora, you need to install the RPM provided from this URL:[mscorefonts2]

KindleGen:: You must install[KindleGen], If you need to convert your documents into Mobi files. Once you specify the location of KindleGen executable, Mobi Service provided by AFX will be available.

== A Quick Dive[Video - Writing Books with Asciidoc FX]

== PlantUML Extension

You can fulfill your UML needs with AsciidocFX. It supports PlantUML. AsciidocFX converts this textual UML elements as png or svg image.[PlantUML] is a component that allows to quickly write :

  • Sequence diagram,
  • Usecase diagram,
  • Class diagram,
  • Activity diagram, (here is the new syntax),
  • Component diagram,
  • State diagram,
  • Object diagram.
  • wireframe graphical interface


.UML Diagram Example [uml,file="uml-example.png"]

abstract class AbstractList abstract AbstractCollection interface List interface Collection

List <|-- AbstractList Collection <|-- AbstractCollection

Collection <|- List AbstractCollection <|- AbstractList AbstractList <|-- ArrayList

class ArrayList { Object[] elementData size() }

enum TimeUnit { DAYS HOURS MINUTES }

annotation SuppressWarnings

.UML example output image::images/uml-example.png[]

NOTE: In some UML elements, PlantUML needs to work with Graphviz. Because of this, you should install Graphviz manually for your platform. After installing Graphviz, you should set GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable to dot executable in Graphviz.

== ditaa Extension

AsciidocFX supports ditaa diagrams.[ditaa] is a component that converts diagrams drawn in ascii art to bitmap graphics.


.ditaa Diagram Example [ditaa,file="images/ditaa-example.png"]

+--------+   +-------+    +-------+
|        |---+ ditaa +--->|       |
|  Text  |   +-------+    |diagram|
|Document|   |!magic!|    |       |
|     {d}|   |       |    |       |
+---+----+   +-------+    +-------+
    :                         ^
    |       Lots of work      |



== MathJax Extension[MathJax] is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.

You can use Tex or MathML languages for describing mathematical formulas in AsciidocFX. AsciidocFX converts this textual formulas as png or svg image.

.For Example (Tex) [source,tex]


\begin{align} \dot{x} & = \sigma(y-x) \ \dot{y} & = \rho x - y - xz \ \dot{z} & = -\beta z + xyp \end{align}

//// .Tex output [math,file="tex-formula.png"]

\begin{align} \dot{x} & = \sigma(y-x) \ \dot{y} & = \rho x - y - xz \ \dot{z} & = -\beta z + xyp \end{align}


== Tex output image::images/tex-formula.png[]

.For Example (MathML) [source,xml]


x = − b ± b 2 − 4 a c 2 a . -- ----

//// .MathML output [math,file="mathml-formula.png"]

x = − b ± b 2 − 4 a c 2 a . -- ////

== MathML output image::images/mathml-formula.png[]

== Filesystem Tree Extension

You can represent filesystem tree in following tree block. There is two style of FS tree.



#src ##main ###java ####com #####kodcu ###resources ####css #####style.css ####js #####script.js ####images #####image.png

== Filesystem Tree output

When you drag and drop a folder to editor, AFX will generate this like tree automatically.




root |-- photos | |-- camp.gif | |-- festival.png | -- balloon.jpg |-- videos | |-- car-video.avi | |-- dance.mp4 | |-- dance01.mpg | |-- another video.divx |-- school videos | -- firstday.flv |-- documents | |-- jsfile.js | |-- powerpoint.ppt | |-- chapter-01.asc | |-- | |-- .gitignore | |-- README |-- configuration.conf `-- etc.

== Filesystem Tree output (new) image::images/tree-view-new.png[]

== JavaFX Charts Extension

JavaFX has 8 kind of Chart component and AsciidocFX supports all of them.

=== Pie Chart

[chart,pie,file="secim-2014-pie.png",opt="title=2014 YEREL SEÇİM SONUÇLARI"]

AKP, 45.6, orange CHP, 27.8,red MHP, 15.2 BDP, 4.2 SP, 2




=== Area Chart


//April 1, 4 3, 10 6, 15 9, 8 12, 5

//May 1, 20 3, 15 6, 13 9, 12 12, 14




For other charts and available options, look at[Chart extension] wiki page!

== How to Build AsciidocFX

  1. Firstly, install[JDK 8]
  2. Download[Apache Maven] and set /bin directory to environment variables
  3. Enter AsciidocFX directory and run $ mvn clean install
  4. Follow to target/appassembler/bin directory and you will see and asciidocfx.bat

NOTE: We are generating builts with Travis-CI automatically. NOTE: All builds x64 based. If you want to use in x86 systems, build AsciidocFX yourself.

== Books Written with AsciidocFX

Java 8 Ebook::

AspectJ Ebook::

Mastering Cloudforms Automation::

== Slides (Reveal.js and Deck.js)

AsciidocFX has a built-in template converter for Reveal.js and Deck.js. To getting start with slide authoring, you can just follow menu:New[Slide] menu.

.menu:New[Slide] image::images/new-slide.png[]

After that AFX will prompt you a freespace directory name and "OK" you will see the slide demo.

.Slide demo image::images/slide-demo.png[]

You can easily switch between reveal.js and deck.js by changing the comment below. Also, you can configure default settings by editing _settings_reveal.adoc and include::_settings_deck.adoc.



// include::_settings_deck.adoc[]

== Used Technologies

AsciidocFX uses Java, JavaScript and XML related technologies.

  • Java FX 8
  • Asciidoctor.js
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring WebSocket
  • Docbook
  • Apache Fop
  • Saxon 6.5
  • Ace editor
  • Nashorn

== AsciidocFX Configuration

You can configurate AsciidocFX with Settings page (Press kbd:[Ctrl+F4]). The all configs located in [Install_Dir]/conf folder.

== Some Shortcuts

AFX supports this ace shortcuts and custom shortcuts listed below . If you suggest us any shortcut request, we can implement it.

[width="100%",options="header,footer"] |=== |Shortcut |Detail |kbd:[Ctrl+F4] | Show settings |kbd:[Ctrl+V] |Converts and pastes selection |kbd:[Ctrl+Shift+V] |Pastes selection |kbd:[tblx,y + Tab] |Generates asciidoc table (x=row,y=column) |kbd:[tblx.y + Tab] |Generates asciidoc table (x=row,y=column) |kbd:[src + Tab] |Generates asciidoc source block (default lang: java) |kbd:[src.lang + Tab] |Generates asciidoc source block by lang |kbd:[src,lang + Tab] |Generates asciidoc source block by lang |kbd:[img + Tab] |Generates image section |kbd:[book + Tab] |Generates book header section |kbd:[article + Tab] |Generates article header section |kbd:[uml + Tab] |Generates UML block |kbd:[math + Tab] |Generates Math block |kbd:[tree + Tab] |Generates Tree block |kbd:[quote + Tab] |Generates Quote block |kbd:[Ctrl+B] |Bolds selection |kbd:[Ctrl+F] |Find Text |kbd:[Ctrl+F] , kbd:[Ctrl+F] |Find and Replace Text |kbd:[Ctrl+I] |Italices selection |kbd:[Ctrl+U] |Underlines selection |kbd:[Ctrl+H] |Highlights selection |kbd:[Ctrl+D] |Duplicates selection |kbd:[Ctrl+L] |Displays line numbers |kbd:[Ctrl+X] |Removes current line |kbd:[Ctrl+N] |Creates new empty doc |kbd:[Ctrl+M] |Maximizes the tab pane |kbd:[Ctrl+S] |Saves current doc |kbd:[Ctrl+W] |Saves and closes current doc |kbd:[Ctrl+Shift+C] |Surrounds backtick `` selection |kbd:[Ctrl+Mouse_Scroll_Up] | Zoom in |kbd:[Ctrl+Mouse_Scroll_Down] | Zoom out |kbd:[F12] | Opens Firebug Lite (Requires Internet Connection) |===

== Known Issues

PDF output shows all text as ####:: On Linux platforms you can face with this issue. For the getting around for the issue you need to install Microsoft Core Fonts to your platform. How to install <> Mac QWERTY Keyboard Bug:: There is a bug in JavaFX which makes all keyboards on a Mac behave as "QWERTY". This means, that on a German "QWERTZ" layout the shortcuts for undo and redo are swapped. Text Artifacts (Rainbowing) on Text:: If you are being distracted by rainbow text artifacts on text, you can work around the issue by passing some VM options in [Install_Dir]/AsciidocFX.vmoptions, as shared in[this RichTextFX bug].

. Open AsciidocFX.vmoptions. . Add -Dprism.text=t2k and -Dprism.lcdtext=false to the file. . Save and close. . Launch AsciidocFX

== Changelog

To see what has changed in recent versions of AsciidocFX, see the[CHANGELOG]

== Support

Support AsciidocFX with pull requests or open an issue for bug & feature requests. You can make discussions in[mail group] or in the chat room at[].

//// openssl sha -sha256 AsciidocFX_Mac.dmg ////

== Contributors

Thank you to all the people who have already contributed to AsciidocFX! image:["Contributors", link="../../graphs/contributors"]

== Backers

Thank you to all our backers! [[Become a backer]]

image:["Backers on Open Collective", link=""]

== Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors! (please ask your company to also support this open source project by[becoming a sponsor])

image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"] image:[link="", target="_blank"]

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