Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

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Ethereum Development with Go

A little book on Ethereum Development with Go (golang)

License Mentioned in Awesome Go PRs Welcome



The e-book is avaiable in different formats.



Help & Support


Install dependencies:

make install

Run gitbook server:

make serve

Generating e-books:

make pdf ebook mobi

Visit http://localhost:4000


Pull requests are welcome!

If making general content fixes:

  • please double check for typos and cite any relevant sources in the comments.

If updating code examples:

  • make sure to update both the code in the markdown files as well as the code in the code folder.

If wanting to add a new translation, follow these instructions:

  1. Set up development environment

  2. Add language to

  3. Copy the the en directory and rename it with the 2 letter language code of the language you're translating to (e.g. zh)

  4. Translate content

  5. Set "root" to "./" in book.json if not already set


Thanks to @qbig and @gzuhlwang for the Chinese translation.

And thanks to all the contributors who have contributed to this guide book.



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