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What is artoolkitX?

artoolkitX version 1.0 is a software development kit (SDK) consisting of libraries and utilities that help developers implement the foundation of great augmented and mixed reality applications. The SDK includes some examples of applications that demonstrate the capabilities of artoolkitX. artoolkitX supports a wide-variety of platforms, including iOS and Android, and macOS, Windows, and Linux.

artoolkitX is free to use! The SDK is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0, allowing for linking into both closed- and open-source software. Please read the file license to understand your rights and obligations when using artoolkitX.

Complete source is provided, and we encourage users to favourite the project on GitHub at and log issues and read the documentation provided there, and to join the artoolkitX community via our homepage at

artoolkitX's development is sponsored by Realmax, Inc., a leader in augmented reality hardware and software. The open source project is administered by long-term developers of ARToolKit and from and the open-source community.

For experienced developers wanting to quickly make use of the SDK, please read the file Quick start. To read about the changes in this release, please read the file Release notes.

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