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ClipBucket - Open Source Video Streaming Platform

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ClipBucket is an Open Source and freely downloadable PHP script that will let you start your own Video Sharing website (YouTube Clone) in a matter of minutes. ClipBucket is the fastest growing video script with the most advanced video sharing and social features.

With ClipBucket, you will have almost all social media features in your hand. You can let your users create groups, playlists, collections and much more. They can send friend requests and private messages to each other as well. You can start a fully dedicated video sharing website or photo sharing websites and also both at the same time as well.

ClipBucket Features ClipBucket Official Website ClipBucket Documentation

Server Requirements

In order for you to be able to run ClipBucket, there are certain tools that need to be installed on your server. Don't worry, they are all FREE. To have a look at complete list of required tools, click the link below.

ClipBucket Server Requiremenets

How To Install ClipBucket

Installation of ClipBucket is simple and straight forward. Click the link below to watch a complete ClipBucket setup guide video

[Video] How To Install ClipBucket View All Video Guides

ClipBucket Themes

ClipBucket comes with various themes to help you set a tone for your website according to your Niche. These themes include originals as well as clones of popular websites such as YouTube.

ClipBucket Themes

ClipBucket Plugins

ClipBucket core features aren't enough for you? We got plugins. Yeah, we got awesome ones. With plugins you can enhance the functionality and power of ClipBucket while having 100% control in your hands. To see our available plugins, click below link

ClipBucket Plugins

ClipBucket Discourse (Forum)

We have a very active community that is always there for your help. Interact with people, get your problems solved, learn new things, have fun.

ClipBucket Discourse

If you need to know anything else, have an idea to discuss or just some suggestions to drop, Contact Us here or find us on live chat at Our Website

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