Framework designed to automate various wireless networks attacks (the project was presented on Pentester Academy TV's toolbox in 2017).
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Wifiphisher12,08126 days ago3January 13, 2018298gpl-3.0Python
The Rogue Access Point Framework
11 days ago284gpl-2.0Python
Rewrite of the popular wireless network auditor, "wifite"
a year ago103mitPython
💤 Kick devices off your network by performing an ARP Spoof attack.
16 days ago47gpl-3.0C
Targeted evil twin attacks against WPA2-Enterprise networks. Indirect wireless pivots using hostile portal attacks.
12 days ago1apache-2.0Python
Powerful framework for rogue access point attack.
Wifi Arsenal1,049
3 years ago3C
WiFi arsenal
Infernal Twin1,027
5 years ago11Python
wireless hacking - This is automated wireless hacking tool
8 years ago40gpl-3.0
Evil Twin Attack Bash script
a year ago4apache-2.0Shell
Framework designed to automate various wireless networks attacks (the project was presented on Pentester Academy TV's toolbox in 2017).
4 years ago3gpl-3.0Python
🍓📡🍍Monitor illegal wireless network activities. (Fake Access Points), (WiFi Threats: KARMA Attacks, WiFi Pineapple, Similar SSID, OPN Network Density etc.)
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WireSpy enables the automation of various WiFi attacks to conduct Man-In-The-Middle-Attacks (MITMAs).

WireSpy allows attackers to set up quick honeypots to carry out MITMAs. Monitoring and logging functionality is implemented in order to keep records of the victims' traffic/activities. Other tools can be used together with Wirespy to conduct more advanced attacks.

Two type of attacks are supported at the moment:

  • Evil twin: Force victims to auto-connect to the honeypot by spoofing a "trusted" hotspot (clone an existing access point and de-authenticate its users to force them to transparently connect to the spoofed honeypot).
  • Honeypot: Set up a simple rogue hotspot and wait for clients to connect.


  • Capture victims' traffic.
  • MAC address spoofing.
  • Set-up honeypot and evil twin attacks.
  • Show the list of in range access points.
  • Wireless adapter|card|dongle power amplification.


  1. Set as executable:

    chmod +x wirespy.sh
  2. Execute as root:

    sudo ./wirespy.sh
  3. Type help to get started.

        eviltwin      > launch an evil twin attack
        honeypot      > launch a rogue access point attack
        clear         > clear the terminal
        help          > list available commands
        quit|exit     > exit the program
        apscan        > show all wireless access points nearby
        leases        > display DHCP leases
        powerup       > power wireless interface up (may cause issues)
        start capture > start packet capture (tcpdump)
        stop capture  > stop packet capture (tcpdump)
        status        > show modules status


  • [ ] Add WPA/WPA2 support for honeypot.
  • [ ] Bash autocompletion.
  • [x] Optimise the source code.
  • [x] Improve the stability.
  • [x] Improve the UI (e.g. uniformise the style and colors).
  • [x] Show the status of processes running in the background.
  • [ ] Validate all user inputs against regexes.

Project Information

This script was developed in the context of my master thesis work in June 2015.

The project was presented on Pentester Academy TV's toolbox in 2017:

Pentester Academy TV's toolbox

Work on a new improved version has commenced in 2018.

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Reporting Issues

Found a bug? I would love to squash it! 🐛

Please report all issues on the GitHub issues tracker.


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Please submit all PRs on the GitHub pull requests tracker.



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