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Sample OOP/ECS/DOD project (C++) for an internal Unity lecture in 2018, aimed at junior/future engineers.

This is a super-simple C++ "game" (just a bunch of sprites moving around with very small amount of logic really) I made to show how one might go from a very traditional OOP style GameObject/Component based code to an ECS (Entity Component System) / DOD (Data Oriented Design) based code. In the process making it run 10x faster, initialize 5x faster, and saving 100MB of memory in the process.

Talk slides are here (10MB pdf).

The app playground should work on Windows (uses D3D11, VS2017 project in projects/vs2017/dod-playground.sln) and macOS (uses Metal, Xcode 9 project in projects/xcode/dod-playground.xcodeproj).

I used some excellent other libraries/resources to make life easier for me here:

  • Sokol libraries for application setup, rendering and time functions. zlib/libpng license.
  • stb library for image loading. mit/unlicense license.
  • Sprites used by "the game" I took from Dan Cook's Space Cute prototyping challenge.

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