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Texture atlas creator tool for Unity.
This tool is made to combine textures and/or remap the UV’s for 3D models. The tool can also be used to make 2D sprite sheets. The visual editor gives you the ability to set and prioritize the sizes and positions in the texture atlas/sprite sheet.

  • Combine textures/sprites.
  • Automatically adjusts the UV's of the assigned meshes to match the new texture atlas.

Download unitypackage

Github All Releases

Unity versions

  • Latest release requires Unity 2018.3 or higher.
  • Releases before 1.8 should work with older Unity versions.
  • Upgrading to 1.8+ will break existing atlasses.

Export options


  • UnityMesh (with prefab setup)


  • PNG
  • PNG (sliced) sprite sheet


  • Material (with assigned textures and selected shader)


Youtube video

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