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rtscli - Realtime Stock Ticker CLI

NOTE!! This has been changed to use because Google Finance does not seem to work reliably anymore (IPs get blocked and it just plain out doesn't work)

You can get a free API key with a limited number of queries per second and so this has been tweaked to just refresh every 60s now. Put the api-key into alphavantage-creds.txt and it should work as usual.




Currently this is dependent on the list below but the next step is to build this into an executable so all that stuff with python and pip can be skipped.

  • Python2.7
  • pip
  • Bunch of other python packages

Install via Pip

pip install rtscli

Running it

$ cp tickers.txt.sample tickers.txt
$ rtscli

Tickers.txt Sample

Format: Name, Ticker(Alphavantage format), cost price, shares held


Downloading and building manually

$ git clone [email protected]:aranair/rtscli.git
$ pip install -e .
$ rtscli

Future Developments

Not sure if this is of interest to anyone but if you'll like to see anything on this, raise an issue or something.



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