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This page contains instructions for deploying Aqua Enterprise in a Kubernetes cluster, using the Helm package manager.

Refer to the Aqua Enterprise product documentation for the broader context: Kubernetes with Helm Charts.


Helm charts

This repository includes the following charts; they can be deployed separately:

Chart Description
Server Deploys the Console, Database, and Gateway components; optionally deploys the Scanner and Envoy components
Enforcer Deploys the Aqua Enforcer daemonset
Scanner Deploys the Aqua Scanner deployment
KubeEnforcer Deploys the Aqua KubeEnforcer
QuickStart Not for production use (see below). Deploys the Console, Database, Gateway, and KubeEnforcer components

Deployment instructions

Aqua Enterprise deployments include the following components:

  • Server (Console, Database, and Gateway)
  • Enforcer
  • KubeEnforcer
  • Scanner

Follow the steps in this section for production-grade deployments. You can either clone the aqua-helm git repo or you can add our Helm private repository (

(Optional) Add the Aqua Helm repository

  1. Add the Aqua Helm repository to your local Helm repos by executing the following command:
$ helm repo add aqua-helm
  1. Search for all components of the latest version in our Aqua Helm repository
For Helm 2.x
$ helm search aqua-helm
# Examples
$ helm search aqua-helm --versions
$ helm search aqua-helm --version 5.3.0
For Helm 3.x
$ helm search repo aqua-helm
# Examples
$ helm search repo aqua-helm --versions
$ helm search repo aqua-helm --version 5.3.0

Example output:

NAME                      CHART VERSION       APP VERSION         DESCRIPTION
aqua-helm/enforcer        5.3.0               5.3                 A Helm chart for the Aqua Enforcer
aqua-helm/scanner         5.3.0               5.3                 A Helm chart for the Aqua Scanner CLI component
aqua-helm/server          5.3.0               5.3                 A Helm chart for the Aqua Console components
aqua-helm/kube-enforcer   5.3.0               5.3                 A Helm chart for the Aqua KubeEnforcer

Deploy the Helm charts

  1. Create the aqua namespace.
$ kubectl create namespace aqua
  1. Deploy the Server chart.
  2. Deploy the Enforcer chart.
  3. Deploy the KubeEnforcer chart.
  4. (Optional) Deploy the Scanner chart.
  5. (For multi-cluster) Deploy the Gateway chart.


This section not all-inclusive. It describes some common issues that we have encountered during deployments.

Error 1

  • Error message: UPGRADE/INSTALL FAILED, configmaps is forbidden.
  • Example:
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: configmaps is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:kube-system:default" cannot list configmaps in the namespace "kube-system"
  • Solution: Create a service account for Tiller to utilize.
kubectl create serviceaccount --namespace kube-system tiller
kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller-cluster-rule --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
kubectl patch deploy --namespace kube-system tiller-deploy -p '{"spec":{"template":{"spec":{"serviceAccount":"tiller"}}}}'
helm init --service-account tiller --upgrade

Error 2

  • Error message: No persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set.
  • Solution: Most managed Kubernetes deployments do NOT include all possible storage provider variations at setup time. Refer to the official Kubernetes guidance on storage classes for your platform. For more information see the storage documentation.

Error 3

  • Error message: When executing kubectl get events -n aqua you might encounter either No persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set or PersistentVolumeClaim is not bound.
  • Solution: If you encounter either of these errors, you need to create a persistent volume prior to chart deployment with a generic or existing storage class. Specify db.persistence.storageClass in the values.yaml file. A sample file using aqua-storage is included in the repo.
$ kubectl apply -f pv-example.yaml

Quick-start deployment (not for production purposes)

Quick-start deployments are fast and easy. They are intended for deploying Aqua Enterprise for non-production purposes, such as proofs-of-concept (POCs) and environments intended for instruction, development, and test.

Use the aqua-quickstart chart to

  1. Clone the GitHub repository
$ git clone
$ cd aqua-helm/
  1. Create the aqua namespace.
$ kubectl create namespace aqua
  1. Deploy aqua-quickstart chart
$ helm upgrade --install --namespace aqua aqua ./aqua-quickstart --set imageCredentials.username=<>,imageCredentials.password=<>

Issues and feedback

If you encounter any problems or would like to give us feedback on deployments, we encourage you to raise issues here on GitHub.

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