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This is a Retrospective Idea board, powering


This project is both an actual product, and also a technology demo using the latest and greatest JavaScript/TypeScript libraries of the month.

It features the following technologies:

Previous versions, up to v1.0.1 featured the following libraries:

How to try it out 🚀

You must have docker and docker-compose installed on your system.

  • Clone this repository
  • Then run docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.example.yml up -d.
  • Open your browser on http://localhost
  • (then please wait a few minutes the first time for the database to initialise)

How to run for development 📝

Prerequisites 💿

  • You must have docker and docker-compose installed on your system.
  • You must also have Node.js, version 15 (other recent versions will probably work too).
  • Yarn: Please install Yarn, as this mono-repo uses Yarn Workspaces which won't work with NPM.

Run 🚀

  • Clone this repository
  • Run Postgres, Redis, PGAdmin locally:
    • cd ./retro-board/retro-board (that is the retro-board directory within the repository)
    • docker-compose up -d
    • cd ..
  • yarn to install the dependencies (not npm i!)
  • yarn build-common to build the shared module
  • yarn migrate to run the database migrations
  • yarn start-server to start the backend
  • Open another terminal
  • yarn start-ui on the second terminal to run the UI
  • Open your browser on http://localhost:3000

How to run for Production using Docker 🐳

Prerequisites 💿

Run 🚀

  • Copy docker-compose.example.yml to docker-compose.yml
  • Edit docker-compose.yml to change credentials and secrets
  • Optional: for ARM-based systems, use biarms/pgadmin4 instead
  • Run docker-compose up -d
  • Voilà!

This will run a production-ready version of Retrospected automatically, using Postgres and Redis. You don't need to have anything installed other than Docker. This will install and run:

  • Postgres
  • pgAdmin4 (Web UI for postgres)
  • Redis
  • The Retrospected Node.js Backend
  • The Retrospected React Frontend, served by nginx.

How to run for Production using Kubernetes ☸

Please read the readme file in the k8s folder. Please note: Kubernetes example configs are not maintained, and are only provided as an example.

Backups 💾

When using the Docker deployment, your database runs from a container. But if you still need to make some backup of your data, you can do the following:

  • Get the docker database container ID by doing: docker ps
  • Run docker exec -t <docker_container_id> pg_dumpall -c -U postgres > dump_`date +%d-%m-%Y"_"%H_%M\_%S`.sql
  • To restore your databases: cat dump_1234.sql | docker exec -i <docker_container_id> psql -U postgres

How to run the tests ✅

  • Clone this repository
  • yarn to install the dependencies (not npm i!)
  • yarn test to run the tests in watch mode
  • or yarn ci-test to run the tests once

Road-Map and ideas 🚗 💡

  • Highlight posts where the user voted

Versions History

Version 4.1.0 (work in progress)

  • Adding a 30-day trial
  • Adding Microsoft OAuth 2.0
  • Code splitting: all pages have their own bundle now, for a faster first-load experience
  • Removing all import React from 'react'; imports, as they are now redundant.
  • Introducing Recoil.js (as an experiment)
  • Limiting the number of posts to 50 for free accounts

Version 4.0.5

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug whereby adding multiple cards on a single group wouldn't work correctly (only the first card would be persisted in that group). 👏 Thanks to Daniel N. for reporting this by email.

Version 4.0.4

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where adding an action was changing ownership of the post to the person adding the action. 👏 Thanks @botactic! (#209)
  • Use TypeORM transactions for every database interactions, fixing some random races conditions.
  • Improving multi-arch support
  • Improving API calls and Sentry

Version 4.0.3

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where groups couldn't be deleted if you didn't create them in the first place.

Version 4.0.2

  • 🚨 Emergency fix, for a serious bug that made it seem like a lot of people were participant to your session. This was never the case, it was displaying every non-logged in people as spectators to your session erroneously.

Version 4.0.1

  • Added the list of participants to the bottom of the screen 🧑‍💻
  • Added a notification on connection or disconnection of participants 🟢 🔴
  • Update OAuth photo on every login
  • Replaced GitHub OAuth library by a more recent version, to avoid deprecated GitHub API.
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the author of a new session wasn't registered as a participant
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where online participants were not showing

Version 4.0.0

  • [⭐️ Pro Feature] Encrypted Sessions: full client-side encryption of your data
  • [⭐️ Pro Feature] Private Sessions: ensure only your colleagues can access your session
  • Full support for password-based accounts
  • Slack Authentication (OAuth) 🔑
  • Replacing Travis by GitHub Actions for CI and Deployment 🚀
  • New Freemium model
  • Adding dynamic HTML title for better browser experience. 👏 Thanks @sam-pires! (#167)
  • Adding a search functionality to find the needle in your haystack. 👏 Thanks @ayxos for the suggestion! (#171)
  • Improving the Post component to hide up/down votes when they are disabled. Also got rid of the "flippable" panel, all actions are now visible directly. 👏 Thanks @Xyaren for pointing this out. (#150)
  • Automatic Backend code linting, and CI linting
  • Upgrade to TypeScript 4
  • Upgrade to React 17
  • Upgrade to Create-React-App 4
  • Upgrade to Socket.IO 3.0
  • 👏 A big thanks to @wooddar for beta-testing and his great feedback!

Version 3.2.3

  • Fixed a bug with GitHub authentication, where the display name was not set (#165). 👏 Thanks @hieuwu!

Version 3.2.2

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where any user editing the name of the session would become owner of the session.

Version 3.2.1

Version 3.2.0

  • 🇮🇹 Improved Italian translation (👏 Thanks @mventuri)
  • Ability to delete sessions, if you are authenticated and you are the author of the session (#116)
  • Allow changing the default language for new users via environement variables (#135)
  • Allow a moderator to blur cards written by others, to keep everything hidden until the end of the retrospective (#100)
  • Complete redesign of the Custom Session settings modal
  • Ability to modify session settings once the game has started. This is only available to the session moderator (author) (#92).
  • Ability to display past sessions for Anonymous users. This is limited to viewing past sessions on the same browser, any login to a different browser will create a different anonymous account, for safety reasons (#112).
  • Dependencies update

Version 3.1.1

  • 🇳🇱 Improved Dutch translation (👏 Thanks @jghaanstra)
  • Dependencies update

Version 3.1.0

  • Multi-architecture support! Hello Rasperry Pi 🍇 🎉! And Apple Silicon 🍎
  • Docker images are automatically compatible with ARM (arm64, v6, v7, v8)

Version 3.0.3

Version 3.0.2

  • Adding privacy policy, terms and conditions, GDPR support
  • 🐛 Fix various bugs reported by Sentry

Version 3.0.1

  • Improvements on the landing page experience
  • SEO

Version 3.0.0

  • Brand new landing page, and much improved look and feel 🎉
  • Authentication using your favourite social media account:
    • GitHub
    • Google
    • Twitter
    • ...more coming!
  • Ability to re-order posts by drag-and-drop 🚀
  • Ability to group posts together
  • Save your custom session settings as a default template
  • Giphy support 😃
  • Improved homepage dashboard 📈

Version 2.2.4

  • 🇷🇺 Russian Translation improvements (👏 Thanks @regmagik)
  • Fixing logout button translation
  • Adding fetch polyfill for IE
  • Upgrading dependencies

Version 2.2.3

  • 🇮🇹 Italian Translation (👏 Thanks @mventuri)
  • Re-enabling source maps for Sentry
  • Upgrading dependencies

Version 2.2.2

  • Allowing a user to disable voting (by setting the max number of votes to 0) (👏 Thanks @imranismail)
  • Fixing an issue with Docker and Yarn's installation
  • Upgrading dependencies

Version 2.2.1

  • Adding Sentry support for the backend
  • Making Google Analytics and Sentry configurable at run-time (as in Docker run-time)
  • Adding Copy to clipboard compatibility for more browsers
  • Preventing the app from crashing when cookies are disabled on Firefox
  • Handling disconnections better by not reconnecting automatically and displaying a message instead.

Version 2.2.0

  • Kubernetes configs. Deploy Retrospected to the cloud! ☁️ 🚀 ☸️
  • Making the backend scalable by making SocketIO use Redis to communicate between instances. This is disabled by default and is only useful for Kubernetes deployments.
  • The backend hostname is now configurable on the nginx config on the frontend.
  • Replaced all occurences of withRouter by useHistory and useParams
  • Added CI/CD support with Travis
  • Auto-deployment of Docker images to Docker Hub
  • Changing the UX related to Summary Mode
  • Added the ability to copy the content of the session in the clipboard, both in Markdown format and Rich Text
  • Added Error Boundaries to improve the user experience if the app crashes
  • Added support for (error logging)
  • Fixed an issue where multiline content was not displayed properly for anyone except the author
  • Fixed an issue where a post couldn't be deleted if it had votes attached to it
  • Issue 56 - Fixed an issue where new users who were not persisted yet couldn't vote (👏 Thanks @dkistner)

Version 2.1.4

  • 🇩🇪 German Translation (👏 Thanks @PaulBrandt)
  • 🐛 Bugfix: First post was sometimes not saved on regular sessions

Version 2.1.3

  • IE fix: the previous polyfill didn't quite work with IE9 to IE11.

Version 2.1.2

  • Older browser support (IE11, somewhat works with IE10 and IE9).
  • Adding an "outdated browser" warning
  • Adding a remaining votes counter when using a maximum number of votes rule.
  • Changing how Editable Labels work: they now only fire onChange on blur or Enter, minimizing the amount of traffic over the socket
  • Removing the REACT_APP_DEBUG environment variable (using NODE_ENV instead).
  • Adding a loading spinner while loading the game now that we can't predict which number of columns are going to appear on screen.
  • Making sure index.html is not cached by Nginx on production
  • Removing .map files on production

Version 2.1.1

  • MS Windows support/fixes (👏 Thanks @srraf).
  • PR-48 - Fixed a word-wrapping issue when we have only one (long) post (👏 Thanks @manicmaniac).
  • Fixes a possible race-condition issue with "vote" syncing.

Version 2.1.0

  • Adding full customisation of columns and rules:
    • You can now create a board with 1 to 5 columns
    • You can allow a user to vote for his own posts
    • You can allow multiple votes on the same post
    • You can limit the number of up and down votes
    • You can choose to display the name of the author, and the name of the persons who vote
  • Your language selection is now remembered between sessions
  • Various UI fixes:
    • Login modal improvements
    • Editable label improvements
  • Various Docker improvements
  • Upgraded dependencies
  • 👏 Special thanks to @jesusabp, @zalexki and @jfritz for their inputs and ideas!

Version 2.0.4

  • Upgraded dependencies
  • Allows multi-line posts and comments (use the shift key to add a new line) (👏 Thanks @andyk314)
  • Re-adding Hot Reload, which now works great with TypeScript and Create-React-App.

Version 2.0.3

  • Upgraded dependencies
  • Fixed an issue with Docker eating too much space with its unlimited log size. Log is now limited to 50mb.

Version 2.0.2

  • Added an "Action" field on each Post: this allows the user to define a list of actions that need doing in the next sprint, and allows displaying this list in the Summary Mode.
  • 🐛 Bugfix: In certain conditions, some race-condition would store a post with a null session ID (so the post was lost forever).
  • 🐛 Bugfix: Disabled the Web Worker, as it's not working properly when loading a game directly (and not loading the homepage).

Version 2.0.1

  • Adding support for Postgres migrations
  • Adding created/updated fields on Post and Session
  • 🐛 Bugfix: Summary mode wasn't ordered by votes anymore. (👏 Thanks @cindyccook)

Version 2.0.0

  • Complete rewrite
  • TypeScript
  • React Hooks
  • @testing-library/react
  • New component library (MaterialUI)
  • Docker-friendly

Version 1.0.1

  • 🇯🇵 Japanese Translation (👏 Thanks @sat0yu)
  • Simplified the ESLint configuration
  • Introducing Prettier (yarn format)
  • Upgrading to Babel 7

Version 1.0.0

  • React 16
  • Webpack 4 (for previous versions of webpack, see below)
  • Using @bionikspoon/react-toolbox instead of the original react-toolbox, as the project is no longer maintained and doesn't work with React 16.
  • Upgraded all the other dependencies, everything should be up-to-date
  • Improved the home screen

Version 0.10.0

  • Webpack 3 (for Webpack 2, look at version 0.9.0)
  • Converting entire project to 2-space indentation
  • Upgrade other dependencies
  • 🇵🇱 Polish Translation (👏 Thanks @olaf-cichocki)
  • 🇦🇪 Arabic Translation (👏 Thanks @Meshredded)
  • Improved the loading screen

Version 0.9.0

  • Webpack 2 (for Webpack 1, look at version 0.8.1 and older)
  • React 15.5 (which needs the new prop-types module, among other things)
  • React Router 4 (completely different way of doing the routing)
  • Move the structure of the project to a modular structure
  • Upgraded all the other dependencies to the latest versions, except react-toolbox

Version 0.8.1

  • Hotfix (ESLint errors on production build)

Version 0.8.0

  • Using redux-saga-testing to test sagas
  • 🇹🇼🇨🇳 Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) Translation (👏 Thanks @aqutw)
  • Using Yarn
  • Updating dependencies
  • Fixing some Spanish translation mistakes (👏 Thanks @MrPolymath)
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the Vote buttons would allow a user to vote multiple times (on the UI only)

Version 0.7.0

  • Good test coverage, using Jest
  • 🇷🇺 Russian Translation (👏 Thanks @vectart)
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish Translation (👏 Thanks @andresin87)
  • Replacing PNG flags by SVG/CSS versions
  • Using react-hot-loader 3.0.0 (beta2) for Hot reloading
  • Fixing a few mobile/responsive issues

Version 0.6.1

  • React-toolbox 1.0.0
  • Debugging instructions

Version 0.6.0

  • Added the ability to edit existing posts inline (posts you wrote)
  • Adding a new Invite button to simplify and explain how to invite other people
  • Removing the snackbar
  • Removing ES7 decorators, as they are not standard yet
  • Removing hash on CSS and JS on production (not necessary since we have the version number)

Version 0.5.2

  • 🐛 Fixed a bug on the anti-spam when if using a proxy (nginx for instance), the wrong ip was used
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the linting would fail if the default configuration was used (👏 Thanks @veselignome)

Version 0.5.1

  • Full support of ESLint, based on AirBnB rules
  • Adding an anti-spam for SocketIO, because someone is having fun crashing my server (thanks!)

Version 0.5.0

  • Adding the possibility to join a previously joined session quickly (👏 Thanks @Sonaryr)
  • Performance improvement on title edit (Also thanks to @Sonaryr 👏)
  • New Logo!
  • Added Favicons

Version 0.4.1

  • Updated the screenshot on the readme
  • package.json version updated properly this time

Version 0.4.0

  • Improved the "Create Session" page, allows a user to create a session with a custom name
  • Ability to edit that session name in real-time (by anyone)
  • Added a "Summary Mode": this gives a summary of a current session, allowing a user to copy-paste the entire content easily
  • New shorter session IDs
  • New look-and-feel (new colours)
  • Using reselect to create memoized selectors
  • Improving performance by using shouldComponentUpdate via a custom base Component
  • Updated to the brand new React 15
  • Improving Windows support by allowing Windows users to use the same commands as *nix users
  • 🇳🇱 Internationalisation: added Dutch to the list of supported languages (👏 Thanks @Sonaryr)

Version 0.3.0

  • Adding support for more robust databases (NeDB, by default, in process, and MongoDB)
  • Change to the Like / Unlike logic: a user can now only vote once, and not for his own posts
  • Change to the Like / Unlike logic: like and unlikes counts are separated
  • Adding ES7 decorators, more readable than the previous curry-ed functions
  • Better support for Windows
  • 🇧🇷 Internationalisation: added Brazilian Portuguese to the list of supported languages (👏 Thanks @renancouto)

Version 0.2.0

  • Using redux-saga instead of redux-thunk
  • Persistence: Simple persistence to disk (no database needed)
  • Support for Google Analytics (with precise events monitoring)
  • Ability to logout, and to leave a session
  • Improve the reliability of the clients list (currently connected users)
  • Fix issues when the web fonts can't load (firewall blocking for example)
  • 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇭🇺 Internationalisation: support for English, French and Hungarian (👏 Thanks @iaretiga)

Version 0.1.1

  • Minor visual tweaks
  • Better console logs, server side
  • Big clean up of un-used files and old libs

Version 0.1.0

  • First production version
  • Basic functionalities are there and working
  • Login
  • Creating a session
  • Joining a session
  • Adding new posts
  • Like / Unlike posts
  • Ability to delete our own posts
  • List of connected users
  • No persistence (yet)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to name my session so I can remember easily how to come back to it?

You can actually change the session ID in the URL with anything you like: for example

Try not to take a too common name though, to avoid anyone else finding your session by chance.

Thanks 👏

Many thanks to the following contributors who helped translating the app:

If you are a native speaker of another language, please don't hesitate to make a pull request to add a translation.

Special thanks to @andresin87 for pointing the flag-icon-css package to me, it replaces the PNG flags in a neater way.

Another special thanks to Browserstack, as they allow me to test this project in other browsers.

Please make your PRs from the develop branch, not master.

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