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Argon2 in browser Build status

Argon2 is a password-hashing function, the winner of Password Hashing Competition. Here Argon2 library is compiled for browser runtime.

Live demo

More about Argon2


The numbers

Time, ms (lower is better)
Chrome WASM 225
Chrome WASM+SIMD 119
Firefox WASM 195
Firefox WASM+SIMD 135
Safari WASM 174
Native -O3 SSE 15
Native -O3 42
Native -O1 55
Native -O0 395

Test Environment

Environment used to get the numbers above:

Algorithm parameters (-d -t 100 -m 10 -p 1):

  • iterations: 100
  • memory: 1MiB (1024 KiB)
  • hash length: 32
  • parallelism: 1
  • argon2d


Code size

File Code size, kB
argon2.js 16
argon2.wasm 25

Is Argon2 modified?

The only change is disabling threading support.


SIMD is not quite here in WebAssembly, however for those who would like to give it a try, we already provide a working build with SIMD. At the moment it works only in Chrome, to be able to use it, you need to either add this origin trial to your website, or enable the SIMD feature in Chrome flags.

More about WebAssembly SIMD support in V8:

On Firefox you need to enable javascript.options.wasm_simd option in about:config.

To use the SIMD version, load argon2-simd.wasm instead of argon2.wasm.

JS Library

The library can be installed from npm:

npm install argon2-browser

Then add script to your HTML or use your favorite bundler:

<script src="node_modules/argon2-browser/lib/argon2.js"></script>

Calculate the hash:

argon2.hash({ pass: 'password', salt: 'somesalt' })
    .then(h => console.log(h.hash, h.hashHex, h.encoded))
    .catch(e => console.error(e.message, e.code))

Verify the encoded hash (if you need it):

argon2.verify({ pass: 'password', encoded: 'enc-hash' })
    .then(() => console.log('OK'))
    .catch(e => console.error(e.message, e.code))

Other parameters:

    // required
    pass: 'password',
    salt: 'salt',
    // optional
    time: 1, // the number of iterations
    mem: 1024, // used memory, in KiB
    hashLen: 24, // desired hash length
    parallelism: 1, // desired parallelism (will be computed in parallel only for PNaCl)
    secret: new Uint8Array([...]), // optional secret data
    ad: new Uint8Array([...]), // optional associated data
    type: argon2.ArgonType.Argon2d, // or argon2.ArgonType.Argon2i
// result
.then(res => {
    res.hash // hash as Uint8Array
    res.hashHex // hash as hex-string
    res.encoded // encoded hash, as required by argon2
// or error
.catch(err => {
    err.message // error message as string, if available
    err.code // numeric error code


You can use this module in several ways:

  1. write the WASM loader manually, for example, if you need more control over memory (example);
  2. bundle it with WebPack or another bundler (example);
  3. in vanilla js: example;
  4. in node.js: example (see a note below).

Node.js support

Of course you can use generated WASM in node.js, but it's not sensible: you will get much better speed by compiling it as a native node.js addon, which is not that hard. Wait, it's already done, just install this package.

Is it used anywhere?

It is! KeeWeb (web-based password manager) is using it as a password hashing function implementation. Check out the source code, if you're interested.


You can build everything with



  • emscripten with WebAssembly support (howto)
  • CMake



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