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GlobaLeaks is free, open souce software enabling anyone to easily set up and maintain a secure whistleblowing platform.

Continous Integration and Testing

Branch Status Quality Coverage Browser Tests
main Build Status Codacy Badge Codacy Badge Browser Status
devel Build Status Codacy Badge Codacy Badge Browser Status

Project best practices and scores: | Metric | Score | :---: | :---: | | Mozilla HTTP Observatory | Status | Security Headers | Status | SSLLabs | Status | CII Best Practices | CII Best Practices

Infrastracture status:

The uptime of our infrastructure is continously monitored thanks to the support of


GlobaLeaks's documentation is built and hosted by Read the Docs and accessible at | Branch | Documentation Build | :---: | :---: | | main | Build Status | devel | Build Status

Community Support

If you need technical support, have general questions, or have new ideas for GlobaLeaks, please post your message on the community support forum.

Join our Slack to get in touch with the development team and the GlobaLeaks community:

  • #development to participate in development discussions
  • #community-support for the community support channel in English
  • #community-support-ita for the community support channel in Italian

If you want to contribute to software development or report a bug, please open an issue on GitHub.

Brand Guidelines and Brand Assets

Within the GlobaLeaks project we researched a nice and smooth brand style, using accessible colors and trying to communicate our values through the brand. If you are planning some press releases, a conference, or promoting GlobaLeaks please keep at reference our official Brand Guidelines and use our Brand Assets.

Other resources:


To support the GlobaLeaks project you can help us with donations that will goes entirely for the software development.

Help us by sending us a small donation!


This software is released under the AGPLv3 license. See LICENSE for more information on Additional Terms as per 7(b) and 7(c).

Copyright (c) 2011-2021 - GlobaLeaks

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