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A label tool enable to do image annotation for rectangle and generate polygon annotation automatically



Win 10 Ubuntu 1804
Visual studio 2017 GCC 7.5.0

Third Party:

Package Version
Qt 5.14.2
OpenCV 3.4.9

How to use (for Ubuntu)

  • Download from release package
  • Follow the Instructions to install
  • Open terminal and change directory to installation folder
  • Execute the followng command
$ ./AppRun


AutoAnnotationTool is a graphical image annotation tool, I start this project for saving my time spent on semantic segmentation label. For now, the feature list below have been implement and more function will be added continuously. It is written in c++ and Qt for its graphical interface, and this project is inspired by


  • Rectangle annotation
    • Modify rectangle by simply drag the coner or edge of it is supported
  • Polygon annotation
    • Generate a polygon annotation with just one click on a rectangle ROI
    • Modify the generated polygon by dragging it is supported
  • Edit Label
  • Save and load rectangle and polygon annotation data according to the labelme json format

Execute Execute
Execute Execute


  • A: Last image
  • D: Next image
  • S: Save
  • Space: Open label list

Description to setting parameter

  • Iteration: Number of iterations the algorithm should run.(default = 4)
  • Epsilon: Input for OpenCV approxPolyDP () function (default = 1) detail Execute

How to contribute

  • I am open to any suggestions.
  • For questions, you can create an issue
  • Send pull requests for code changes

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