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👓 A continuously updated list of learning Jetpack Compose for Android apps.

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Awesome Jetpack Compose Learning Resources aims to be your starting point to find the finest learning content for Jetpack Compose suites of libraries.

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  • Testing in Jetpack Compose - In this codelab you'll learn about testing UIs created with Jetpack Compose. You will write your first tests while learning about testing in isolation, debugging tests, semantics trees and synchronization.

  • Jetpack Compose Navigation - Use the Jetpack Navigation component to navigate between screens in Jetpack Compose.

  • Compose Animation - In this codelab, you will learn how to use some Animation APIs in Jetpack Compose.

  • Jetpack Compose basics - In this codelab, you will learn * What Compose is * How to build UIs with Compose * How to manage state in composable functions * Data flow principles in Compose.

  • Migrating to Jetpack Compose - In this codelab, you'll be migrating parts of the Sunflower's plant details screen to Compose. We created a copy of the project for you to try out migrating a realistic app to Compose.🏉

  • Layouts in Jetpack Compose - In this codelab, you'll learn how to use Compose's highest level of UI abstraction, Material Design, as well as low-level composables like Layout that allows you to measure and place elements on the screen

  • Jetpack Compose Theming - In this codelab you will learn how to use Jetpack Compose's theming APIs to style your application. We'll see how to customize colors, shapes and typography so that they're used consistently throughout your application, supporting multiple themes such as light & dark theme.

  • Using State in Jetpack Compose - In this codelab you'll learn about the state and how it can be used and manipulated by Jetpack Compose.

Official Projects


Articles and Tutorials


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Composables under the hood

Migrating Your Design System to Jetpack Compose

Compose ❤️ Dino: Building Chrome’s T-Rex Game in Jetpack Compose - Kotlin Mumba

360|AnDev 2020: Learning Jetpack Compose By Example

Let’s build an Android UI with Jetpack Compose by Alex Zhukovich

Jetpack Compose どうなの?(Android Dev Summit 2019報告会)by Yuki Anzai

MVI with Jetpack Compose by Luca Nicoletti

React, Meet Compose by Leland Richardson

Jetpack Compose — Next Gen Kotlin UI Toolkit for Android

Jetpack Compose by TakuSemba

Talks, Conferences, and Interviews

Android Developers

Thinking in Compose

  • Compose by example [Aug 26, 2020] - We’ll walk through examples of theming, animation, layout, and more, demonstrating how to customize and combine components to build real UIs.

Compose by example

  • Compose for existing apps [Aug 26, 2020] - In this talk, you'll learn how to do that! We'll cover topics such as: adding Compose to your existing Views and embedding Views in Compose, using your existing View theme and current app architecture in Compose, testing all of that code, and much more.

Compose for existing apps

What's new in Compose Design Tools

  • Jetpack Compose [Jun 10, 2020] - We outline our roadmap, what is ready for use right now, share our direction in areas that are still evolving, and show how the tight integration with tooling makes the development experience even better.

Jetpack Compose

#AskAndroid at Android Dev Summit 2019 - Jetpack Compose

  • Building Jetpack Compose [Oct 23, 2019] - Come behind the scenes with the Jetpack Compose team to hear about the motivations for the project and how Compose simplifies and accelerates UI development on Android.

Building Jetpack Compose

Understanding Compose (Android Dev Summit '19)

  • What's New in Jetpack Compose (Android Dev Summit '19) [OCt 23, 2019] - This talk introduces Compose to new audiences, including what the project is and how it is taking shape. The talk also updates people who already know about Jetpack Compose, including how the project has evolved.

What's New in Jetpack Compose (Android Dev Summit '19)

  • Chain React 2019 - Leland Richardson - React, Meet Compose [Jul 31, 2019] - Jetpack Compose is a new declarative UI framework that is being developed in the open for Android. It has a very similar programming model to React, and this talk will dive deep into the internals of both to explain the similarities and differences in the architectures of both, and how React Native might be able to leverage some of this technology long term

Chain React 2019 - Leland Richardson - React, Meet Compose

  • Declarative UI Patterns (Google I/O'19) [May 8, 2019] - Explore how reactive and declarative paradigms can be applied to Android UI development, making it easier for developers to integrate these patterns into their Android apps with Kotlin.

Declarative UI Patterns (Google I/O'19)


Android Makers

Let's build Android UI with Jetpack Compose by Alex Zhukovich, EN

JetBrains TV

Jetpack Compose - Next Gen Kotlin UI Toolkit for Android - Bengaluru, June 22, 2019


All about Jetpack Compose

Google Developers

Google I/O'19 - Chet Haase Interview on Jetpack Compose

Wajahat Karim

Codelab - Art of Jetpack Compose - Wajahat Karim - 360|AnDev 2020

Romain Guy - Android Q, UX and Jetpack Compose - Ray Wenderlich Podcast - S9, E9

AlexZh Dev

Let’s build an Android UI with Jetpack Compose (Mobile Twente & JUG Lodz meetups)



Morning Minimise - Live Streams: Jetpack Compose Playlist on YouTube by hitherejoe_dev


Android Jetpack Compose Tutorial - A modern toolkit for building native Android UI

Kotlin London

  • Daniel Montoya Ramos - Android Jetpack Compose - Daniel will show a new way of building UI's in Android using Jetpack Compose, comparing Imperative vs Declarative approaches. He'll look at managing state changes and composing functions.

Daniel Montoya Ramos - Android Jetpack Compose

Yet Another Dev

Yet Another Dev - Jetpack compose playlist

Leland Richardson

Stable Inference - Compose Compiler - Ep 01

All Techies

Twitch Channels



  • EXPLORING JETPACK COMPOSE by Joe Birch [NOT PUBLISHED YET] - I’m currently writing a book, “Exploring Jetpack Compose”, where I’ll be diving into the different components that are available within the Compose APIs.



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