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poker evaluation and enumeration software
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GUI application for PyPokerEngine
7 years ago18Ruby
Rails application that allows humans to play poker matches managed by the Annual Computer Poker Competition's Dealer program in a web GUI.
4 months ago47C
This repository holds the implementation code of Pangea Poker white paper:
Poker Engine15
3 years agoJava
Java Poker Engine
a year ago19Python
Poker: A Simple Poker GUI in Python
7 years ago6otherJava
a poker hand history data analyser
7 years agoPython
A casino hold'em game with one player versus the bank created from scratch with standard libraries
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PokerStove is a highly hand optimized C++ poker hand evaluation library. The Win32 Hold'em GUI was first released in 2002, and has been available as freeware since it's first release.

The core libraries of pokerstove are being open sourced. The project is currently in the process of reviewing and publishing the code. As code is reviewed and code sanitized further commits will be added.

Please find the old installer in the win32 directory. That installer should install a version of PokerStove which will not expire at any time. You can also find the apk file for the Android version of the utility in the android folder.



This is a c++ poker hand evaluation library. The main design goals of the library are generality, extensibility, and ease of use. There are evaluators for fourteen variants of poker. Additionally, there are various card manipulation and query tools built into the CardSet class.



A tool for poker hand evaluation. It demonstrates how to use the peval library, and to create evaluators for the different variants of poker.


A utility for viewing colexicographical index for sets of cards.


The pokerstove libraries come with build scripts for cmake. This should allow you to build it on any platform with minimal tweaking. This project has been successfully build under linux/g++, windows/vc2010 and OSX/XCode so far.

In order to build the libraries you'll need the following installed on your platform of choice:

  • boost, version 1.46 or higher
  • cmake, version 2.4 or higher


To install the dependencies with apt get:

apt-get install libboost-all-dev cmake

To build under linux using cmake, create a build directory, invoke cmake on the programs directory, then build.

git clone
mkdir pokerstove/build
cd pokerstove/build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
make && make test

You should then be able to execute the simple command line example:

pokerstove/build $ ./bin/ps-eval
Allowed options:
  -? [ --help ]          produce help message
  -g [ --game ] arg (=h) game to use for evaluation
  -b [ --board ] arg     community cards for he/o/o8
  -h [ --hand ] arg      a hand for evaluation
  -q [ --quiet ]         produce no output

   For the --game option, one of the follwing games may be
     h     hold'em
     o     omaha/8
     O     omaha high
     r     razz
     s     stud
     e     stud/8
     q     stud high/low no qualifier
     d     draw high
     l     lowball (A-5)
     k     Kansas City lowball (2-7)
     t     triple draw lowball (2-7)
     T     triple draw lowball (A-5)
     b     badugi
     3     three-card poker

       ps-eval acas
       ps-eval AcAs Kh4d --board 5c8s9h
       ps-eval AcAs Kh4d --board 5c8s9h
       ps-eval --game l 7c5c4c3c2c
       ps-eval --game k 7c5c4c3c2c
       ps-eval --game kansas-city-lowball 7c5c4c3c2c


Getting boost to work under windows can be a bit of a challenge. One of the easier ways is to install precompiled librares. There is a batch of them available at sourceforge. If you're working with Visual Studio 2010, you will probably need the 32 bit libraries. [boost precomplied libraries] (

Under windows, the cmake gui can be used to construct solution and project files for Visual Studio 2010. To do this, browse source to locate the programs directory git/pokerstove/programs. Then create a build dir for the project. At the bottom of the gui click Configure, then Generate. You may have to edit the git/pokerstove/programs/CMakeLists.txt to point cmake to your installation of boost.

Once you've done that, you should be able to select

Menu->Build->Build Solution

to build the sample program.


In order to build under Max OSX, you'll need to install XCode, git, cmake, macports, and boost. The first four can be installed in the conventional manner, with XCode coming form the App Store, cmake, git and macports downloaded from the web. The macports package is a typical unix package management utility and is required to install boost. Once you've installed and selfupdate'd macports, you can install boost:

sudo port install boost -no_static

From there you can run the cmake gui as in windows. This will create an XCode project which should compile the sample utility. Alternatively, follow the command line cmake instructions in the Linux section.

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