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HyperWin is a native hypervisor designed for Windows (x64 only) running on Intel processors. The whole system consists three major components: a hypervisor, a driver and a command line application. Using the command-line application, you can send IOCTL codes to the communication driver that will eventually reach the hypervisor. HyperWin provides many interesting features, including:

  • Creation of memory regions hidden from the operating system (using EPT and a hidden hook on E820)
  • PatchGuard bypassing
  • Sensitive data protection via IRP hooking (User-Mode & Kernel-Mode)
  • Smart process management
  • A (very!) generic hooking module

And much more!

Sensitive Data Protection

HyperWin can help you prevent read operations from files that contain sensitive data. Using the command-line application you can configure new sensitive files, as follows:

protect-file-data -p "C:\Users\Amir\Desktop\Sample.txt" -h "a" -e "utf-8"

Where -p stands for path, -h stands for hide and -e means encoding type.

The above request tells HyperWin to censor all appearances of the letter a in C:\Users\Amir\Desktop\Sample.txt.

How it works?

HyperWin intercepts all attempts to access files using NtfsFsdRead and NtfsCopyReadA. The former is called whenever an IRP (Io Request Packet) is issued in order to read the content of a file, whereas the latter is used by the Fast Io mechanism (only available when the file is cached). Based on the file id (MFTIndex which resides in the FCB) of Sample.txt, HyperWin censors the data that was readen by the NTFS driver.


HyperWin can be installed on any computer that is using an MBR disk. The compilation process is super easy:

$ cd HyperWin
$ make

After running the above commands, a new file called hypervisor.iso will be generated inside the build directory. Burn it to a USB stick, plug the stick to a computer and make sure to change the boot order from the BIOS menu (the USB stick must be chosen as the first option). Once the computer boots to HyperWin, it will automatically load Windows after it finishes the initialization process.


HyperWin is licensed under the GPL v3.0 license.

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